Clear Glass Cloches

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It's easy to incorporate a cloche into your decor. Use it to display and protect a precious keepsake, or for everyday use to cover a scented candle when not in use. We used it here for a scented candle and also to display some preserved boxwood. Try it with our faux succulents for a store window or retail display or at home if you don't have a green thumb. Another place glass bell jars come in handy are on wedding and event dessert tables. Use the bell jars to create a play in height on your sweets table and at the same time also protect cookies, mini cakes, or other treats.

11 x 15in Glass Bell Jar

Item# DM2838

Size: 15 3/4in Height 
Diameter: 11in

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7 x 11 1/2in Glass Bell Jar

Item# DM1829

Size: 11 1/2in Height 
Diameter: 7in

Color: Clear

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