11in Glass Honeycomb Candleholder

Pair this honeycomb candleholder with its smaller, matching cousin, for a unique table centerpiece. Or add low floral arrangements in antique gold bowls. The gold pentagon frames holding clear glass come together to make this honeycomb-shaped candleholder. This larger size can hold two 3-inch diameter candles; a black candle creates a pretty contrast against the gold frame. 


11in Glass Honeycomb Candleholder

Item# 11580

11in Dia. x 9 1/2in High 

Weight: 3.1 lbs.

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Get Stylish Glass Honeycomb Candleholders

Our 11-inch glass honeycomb candleholder is a unique, geometric shape. Its design is ideal for modern and chic events. Constructed from thin, gold-finished iron and crystal clear glass, these candleholders offer visual interest and release a large amount of light into a room when filled with a candle.

Create a stunning centerpiece by pairing this large candleholder with a smaller, 6 1/2-inch glass honeycomb. You can fill the smaller holders with candles and use this larger vessel for flowers. Another option is placing candles in both holders and surrounding them with a sea of florals to tie everything together.

You can ditch the florals for a more nontraditional twist. Instead, use your 11-inch glass honeycomb candleholders to create small terrariums. We recommend using tumbled river stones, greenery, and artificial succulents, like our 4-inch blue echeveria or a light purple topsy turvy succulent pick.

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