16in Trapezion Matte White Fiberstone Pot

Like the papyrus shown in our image, the Trapezion pot lends itself well to spindly, tall, and wiry plants. Its triangular shape that starts wider at the bottom and narrows towards the top, naturally drawing the eye up towards the tall stalks of the plant. Fiberstone makes this planter lightweight while a matte white finish allows it to discreetly stand out among other colors and decor around it.

For round and square matte white planters to match the look of this fiberstone pot, shop our Kulindros pots and Kyvika planters.

16in Trapezion Matte White Fiberstone Pot

Item# FS05-M-MWH-16

 x 16in Dia. x 15 3/4in High 
Inside Height: 15 1/2in

Weight: 16 lbs.

Color: White

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