19in Window Box

Add some greenery to your space in the winter and greet spring with herbs and colorful spring flowers with this black rectangular window box. Our box holds a mix of succulents; get the look with our artificial succulents for a store display or for your decor at home. In the spring put your window box out and fill it with a mix of fresh herbs, different varieties of potato vine if you'd like it to just be decorative, or smaller flowers like pansies, or with fragrant spring bulbs like hyacinths.


19in Window Box

Item# 9DX14RZ

19in Long x 6 1/2in Wide x 6 1/2in High 

Weight: 1 lbs.

Color: Black

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Artificial Succulents Window Box Display

Window boxes are one of the most popular planters for spring gardening. A window box is perfect for your window ledge, inside during the winter or out in the spring, it looks great used in a narrow space, or on a long rectangular table. This 19-inch long, black plastic window box is lightweight with a clean look and it's a great base for a succulent display.

Use a mix of succulents to get the most realistic look to your designs. From our collection of faux succulents use this Pachyphytum, add some height with this Marginata succulent, and add a draping element with this artficial Burro's tail succulent pick.