4in High Optic Swirl Fishbowl

The glass fishbowl vase is one of the most utilitarian pieces you can have for a large party or formal event. Our small optic swirl fishbowl vase takes the wow factor up a notch by featuring a fine, minimalistic swirl pattern that is elegant without being overly fussy.

4in High Optic Swirl Fishbowl

Item# H0782-10L

Size: 4in Diameter 

2 1/2-inch Diameter Opening

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Wholesale Clear Swirl Fishbowl Vases

This vase's functionality and simplistic design make it perfect for a variety of uses. Small items, like candy, seashells or Moss Balls, add a pop of color, making it a fun novelty centerpiece. However, its understated elegance and excellent size mean you use it to hold votive candles, small flower arrangements or even succulents. Plus, as the name suggests, the optic swirl fishbowl vase Fishbowl can contain various types of fish for an out-of-the-box centerpiece.

Affordably priced and beautifully designed, this clear vase will make an excellent addition to your next event's decorations when you buy them wholesale.