7in Polished Brass Cube

This vase combines the classic look of polished brass with a clean and contemporary square shape. The shiny, solid brass vase will work with most decor and arrangement styles. If gold is one of your wedding colors, use it for your centerpieces. Add variety to your tables by using our other matching square and round polished brass vases to the mix.


7in Polished Brass Cube

Item# NW-3441

7in Square x 7in High 

Weight: 3 lbs.

Color: Polished Brass

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Brass Cubes for Weddings and Events

7in brass cubes offer an attractive and modern design, making them essential decor items for any wedding or event. These versatile vases pair well with lanterns, candle holders, and flowers. Their neat, square lines and metallic brass exteriors help these products make a bold statement, adding variety to your decor.

Introduce a Modern Decor Element to Your Function

These 7in brass cubes are sleek and striking with their precise edges and shiny metallic finishes. They are easy to pair with various items, so you can match any theme. This product's brass exterior also complements many color palettes, making it suitable for themed weddings and functions. 

Amplify your centerpieces by pairing the brass cube with bold colored items like the giant pink hydrangea or red rose bouquet. Or, fill it with white rose and succulent bouquets to bring a classic look with a modern twist to your tables. The shiny and polished appearance of this cube pairs well with brass square lanterns, and adding candles can bring warmth and style to your event. Channel vintage glam by coupling the cube with antique brass octagon lanterns and black pillar candles or cement gray pillar candles.

Another option is to combine the brass cubes with green optical glass votive holders and hot pink tiger lily sprays. The contrasting colors offer a striking appearance and help create a memorable impression of the wedding or event. Alternatively, pair the 7in brass cubes with heritage brass table oil lamps for a vintage chic affair.

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