8 ½in Cement Bowl

$8.99 - $64.00

This heavy cement bowl has a handmade-look, with some variations in texture on its surface and a slightly uneven rim. It's a lovely container for a floral centerpiece. Get some variation in the looks of your tables when you pick some of our other cement vases for your wedding or event centerpieces.The bowl is sealed about halfway up on the inside so it can be used for fresh-flower arrangements.



8 ½in Cement Bowl

Item# GT16-0175

8 1/2in Dia. x 3 1/2in High 

Weight: 3 lbs.

Color: Grey

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The Expert Way to Arrange Flowers—Inspired by a Paul Klee Painting: For a June bouquet, floral designer Lindsey Taylor takes cues from a Paul Klee painting that evokes musical notes.  I ASSOCIATE EACH month with a color. For June, it’s pink, due to the parade of roses, peonies and foxgloves in my East Coast garden. Accordingly, I chose a painting loaded with the pale hue to fuel my June arrangement: “Hardy Plants” (1934) by Swiss-born artist Paul Klee (1879-1940). Klee, the son of a professional violinist and a musician himself before turning to art, often imparted a musical quality to his pieces. To me, this canvas looks like a sheet of music notation, the brown blotches the note heads, the lines their stems. Pondering it, I was on the verge of tapping my foot. I started with a shallow chalky vessel, gray like the painting’s edges, and inserted a floral frog to keep stems upright. First up: peonies, an obvious choice for June, the full blooms blush with hints of buttery yellow. To add staccato rhythm, I stuck in buds of burgundy peony, thistle-like faded heads of echinops and garlic scapes. Long bare stems formed notation-like lines. This airy, playful bouquet ended up looking a little like a choir singing its heart out. -The Wall Street Journal.