Are you planning an elegant wedding inspired by romance, class, and timeless taste? Nothing embodies the joy and promise of vows like a gorgeous, glowing reception, and nothing lights up the room quite like your choice of candles and sparkling centerpieces. Whether your aesthetic is vintage or modern, rustic or chic, you can create dazzling […]

For centuries, love letters have been written, sweet nothings have been exchanged and dreams of muses have been had by candlelight. Soft flickering light from votives and candelabras have set the mood for romance since the beginning of mankind, and this unbreakable relationship with love makes candles a go-to lighting scheme for weddings. Explore some […]

It’s that time of year again — store aisles, windows, porches, and front yards are decorated with reindeer, red bows, and twinkling lights, and those catchy Christmas tunes are back on the radio to color your days with holiday spirit. While the snow is falling and you’re sipping hot cocoa and gingerbread lattes, counting down […]

From your choice of lighting down to the color of the table linens, your wedding décor reflects the tone of your special day. Your wedding centerpieces are just as important as all of the other wedding details and provide the perfect opportunity to enhance your venue space while incorporating your theme and style. Centerpieces add […]

Wedding anniversaries are a special occasion. They’re a chance to recognize and celebrate the commitment two people made to each other, whether that was five, 10, or 25 years ago. Such a special occasion is a great opportunity to throw a party and celebrate love and lasting commitment alongside friends, family, and loved ones. Celebrating […]

Whether you hold your nuptials during the day or at night, incorporating lanterns into your wedding can really light things up. They are versatile, practical and endlessly customizable. Here are seven ideas you can use with lanterns to jazz up your decorations. Don’t forget to buy votives or tea lights to stick in the lanterns […]

Table Trays for Every Room

September 28, 2017 0

Serving trays offer a fun way to add texture, color and even mirrors to the mix for your home décor. You can put these multi-functioning trays in the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, the bedroom — even the bathroom isn’t off limits. Not sure how to incorporate this at your house? Take a […]

5 Fall Trends in Event Decor

September 25, 2017 0

Are you in charge of an indoor or outdoor fall party? Do you need decorating ideas? We’ve seen a great deal of innovation in fall event décor trends over the past few years. From incorporating darker colors to bringing the outdoors indoors, incorporating fall décor into an event can be a challenging but fun experience. […]

This season, incorporating cement elements into décor is one of the hottest trends in events and interior design. You can achieve the clean, sophisticated lines of industrial urban décor by using cement pieces throughout a space. Industrial urban and urban rustic themes both rely on the “less is more” theory of decoration, so it’s imperative […]

Professional home stagers know the value of creating a contemporary and inviting setting in homes for sale. As creative professionals, the idea of using a client’s home as a blank canvas is exciting and inspiring. But it’s wise to have certain essential items for home staging in your toolkit that are ready to go for […]