Florists' Review April 2016


This April 2016 issue of Florists' Review is all about weddings. 'Project Wedding' presents five innovative design concepts for your ceremony and reception decor. Here are two that both use our hanging glass balls. We love the dramatic floral "chandelier" constructed out of these ball vases and tea light holders, each holding single flower blooms.

The second idea features our ball vase tucked into a long arrangement: "Centerpieces for head tables generally need to be long and low, for obvious reasons, but that doesn't mean they can't exhibit some spirit, rhythm and dynamic lines. This exquisite polychromatic design, which also would be lovely on an altar, making it a dual-purpose piece, features arcs of lily grass and cascading foxtail fern, to introduce visual movement among a medley of highly fragrant blooms, including stocks, Oriental lilies and garden roses. And the blend of pastel and vibrant colors, from blues and violets to reds and oranges, creates a lyrical dynamic throughout the composition."

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