12in Large Tiara Bowl

$70.00 - $260.00

No need to treat this bowl with the care of your regular glass-crystal: this bowl is crafted from clear acrylic plastic. Through technology and craftsmanship this bowl appears with the same clarity and detail as would its glass counterpart. We love this acrylic bowl used as a fruit bowl when decorating at home. For a unique wedding or event centerpiece, fill the bowl with a mix of monochromatic fruits and vegetables.

Clean only with acrylic cleaner. Do not use glass cleaners.


12in Large Tiara Bowl

Item# 801101

Size: 6in Height 
Diameter: 12in

Weight: 5.5 lb.

Color: Clear

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Wholesale Acrylic Tiara Bowls

Our large tiara bowl is the perfect combination of beauty and durability. While its glitzy design makes it appear to be made of crystal, the bowl is actually crafted from clear acrylic plastic. Using advanced technology and craftsmanship, the vessel has the same clarity and detail you'd expect from an elegant crystal centerpiece. There's no need to worry about breakage, though, and it doesn't require the same level of care you'd use for glass or crystal. Just clean with acrylic cleaner, not glass cleaners, and enjoy your large tiara bowl for years to come.

Our acrylic tiara bowl offers a lot of versatility, whether it's used as décor in your home or as a splendid addition to your event or wedding. If you need to up the glam factor at your wedding, adorn your large tiara bowl with big, beautiful blooms, like peonies, magnolias, or hydrangeas. For a fun twist on the traditional centerpiece, fill the bowl with colorful fruits and vegetables or colored glass beads.

When you buy stylish tiara bowls from Jamali Garden, we provide special wholesale pricing to ensure you have the amount you need for your large gathering or event.