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  1. Crystal Bead Tea Light and Votive Holders
    Crystal Bead Tea Light and Votive Holders


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Are you designing a decorative scheme for a wonderful wedding, exciting event, stunning storefront, or tasteful display? Candles create a warm ambiance and a friendly glow, but they don’t have to stand on their own, and the décor that supports can stand out for a beautiful impression upon guests and passers-by.

At Jamali Garden, we encourage inspiration when it comes to candle holders, and nothing is more dazzling than crystal. Our delicate crystal selection of candle holders, votive holders, candelabras, and tea lights adds glamour to any kind of function. These beautiful crystal additions are available in many different shapes and sizes for every kind of candle you can imagine.

Choose from any of these stunning crystal candlestick holders to suit your style and accentuate your vision for your venue:

Crystal Candelabras and Candlesticks

For tall taper candles in clusters, we offer carved crystal candlesticks and candelabras to create your perfect centerpieces. Try our tall crystal candelabra for an elegant addition that towers on your tables, or incorporate our tapered rectangle crystal candelabra to tailor your candles to more modern tastes. For an especially detailed, delicate look, use our crystal chandelier hurricane candelabra, complete with dripping glass beads. Our crystal candlesticks also come in multiple designs, from our simple taper crystal holders to our ice sculpture-esque crystal candlestick.

Wholesale Crystal Pillar Holders

If strong, sleek pillars are your candle statement of choice, offset them with the perfect holders for your style. For a dazzling addition to your arrangement, place your pillars in our simple square, round, or oblong crystal pillar holders — they’ll sparkle with the glow of flickering flame through crystal beads. If you want to showcase your pillar candles without enclosing them, try our elegant crystal pillar holders for varied heights and widths to create visual interest.

Crystal Votive Candle and Tea Light Holders

Accentuate the intimacy and enchantment of delicate assortments of votive candles and tea lights with the elegant addition of crystal. Try our tiny crystal tea light holders for low, refracted illumination in simple, sophisticated circle and square designs, and our crystal faceted tea light holders offer a similar sweet glow. Our crystal bead tea light and votive holders are beautiful additions for a little extra dazzle, and we even offer a crystal votive holder stand candelabra to elevate your inspiration.

Buying in Bulk?

Need our crystal candle holders in bulk quantities to cater to your event? Buy our crystal candlesticks wholesale to get the products you need for the prices you’ll love.