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  1. 5 x 5in Green & Rust Frost Cylinder
    Rust & Green Frost Vases


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  2. 11in Glass Honeycomb Candleholder
    11in Glass Honeycomb Candleholder
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Planning an elegant wedding, festive event, or party? Decorating an eye-catching storefront or tasteful table centerpiece? For a simple, elegant arrangement that’s easy to adjust to your individual aesthetic, pillar candles are the perfect fit. Strong, sleek, and sturdy, this candle choice is versatile and customizable.

Do you dream of a sophisticated aesthetic or a glitzy garnish for your event? Maybe your style is light and whimsy, warm and rustic, or subdued and sensual. Whatever your theme, accent and emanate it with the perfect pillar candlestick holders. At Jamali Garden, we carry a broad range of products to assist you in bringing your decorative vision to life. We are your premier source for wholesale pillar candle holders to highlight any candle-lit setting. Fill your surrounding with our unique range of candle pillar holders and group several for a magnificent display.

Here’s what we offer to make your venue vibrant:

Wholesale Pillar Candle Trays

If simple is your style, group candles of various heights and widths on trays interspersed with flowers, faux greenery, and other décor for an organic arrangement that subtly shines as a centerpiece. Our mirrored trays with brass edges are ideal for tying together a refined style for an upscale setting with a sophisticated theme, while our square table mirrors offer a minimalist method of illuminating your candle choice and reflecting the flickering flames.

For vintage venues, our square raw nickel trays add a rustic or antique edge to your pillar candles, and we even offer simple oil slick iron trays for subtle displays of single candles or smaller arrangements.

Pillar Candle Holders and Stands

To elevate your pillar candles high, choose from our selection of stands and holders that lift them like candlesticks. We offer elegant choices in materials like glass, nickel, silver, gold, and crystal bead. Our gold glass pillar holders shine seductively, drawing every eye to your dazzling light display, while our antique gold leaf pillar holders provide a subdued, burnished gleam with an elegant impression. Choose our crystal pillar holders for transparent, reflective appeal, or incorporate our crystal bead pillar stands for a dazzling, delicate effect.

Wholesale Hurricanes and Lanterns

If you prefer to encase your pillar candles in enclosing holders that speak for themselves, try our lovely hurricane and hanging lantern options. Our silver band glass hanging lanterns allow for an enchanting atmosphere, and our clear glass hurricanes with rope handles provide a simpler, more rustic touch. For an inspiring, elegant finish, try our antique silver etched hurricanes, or place a few pillars in our reflective mirror candle holder for an ethereal, seductive glow.

Buying in Bulk?

If you need a vast amount of décor for your event or venue, come to Jamali Garden for your bulk pillar candle holders. Our wholesale options allow you to choose the styles you love in the quantities you require — all at an affordable price.