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Buy LED Candles in Bulk

Candles are a staple in wedding and event decoration, yet there are instances where real candles are not simply practical or permitted in venues. Faux candles, called LED candles or flameless candles, are the perfect solution. They are often made of wax for a highly realistic look, and the light flickers and gently moves when the candle is on. These design features make flameless candles look just like the real thing.

If you aren't able to use real candles in your venue, you don't have to sacrifice the warm glow aesthetic. Order LED pillar candles in bulk from Jamali Garden for your lighting needs. We have a variety of flameless candles available, so we are sure to have the right style for your theme.

When to Use Flameless Candles

When you are buying candles for your wedding or event, you may consider whether you want real or LED candles. There are many situations where flameless candles can have an advantage.

The biggest reason to get an LED candle is open flame rules. Your event venue may not allow real candles for safety or liability reasons. Flameless candles allow you to have the appeal of the warm candle glow in your tablescapes and decor while complying with your venue's rules and restrictions.

LED candles may also be a better option if the event is outdoors. It isn't practical to have real candles if the wind keeps blowing out the flame. A faux candle will always stay lit no matter the weather conditions!

Having flameless candles also saves time and hassle. Perhaps the event day has a lot on the schedule. If you use real candles, you will have to work in time to light them all. With LED candles, you can simply turn them on and off at the right times. 

Bulk LED Candles for Wedding Décor and More

Flameless candles in wedding and event décor can be used in the same stylish ways you would use a genuine candle. At Jamali Garden, we have a variety of LED candle options available. Choose among tea lights, votive candles, taper candles, and pillar candles. Some candles have a flickering bulb, and others have a moving wick, both of which look convincingly real.

Our flameless tea lights look lovely tucked into a glass ball votive holder on a bed of faux moss. For a dinner party, light the table and stun your guests with the faux taper candles in our nickel candelabra. The LED pillar candle in a gold square hurricane lantern with white flower buds makes a beautiful centerpiece arrangement.

Buy Bulk Flameless Candles for Weddings and Events at Jamali Garden

LED candles look and act just like the real option, allowing you to have the aesthetic you want when open flame candles are not practical. Jamali Garden has all of the flameless candles you need to decorate your entire venue. Our products are available year-round, so you can get all the décor you require anytime. Buy your LED candles in bulk today to get the quantities you need for less.