Warm White Naked Wire L.E.D. Lights String

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Covering a large space with lights is much easier than you you might think with a lengthy set of stringed lights. Jamali Garden offers a warm white naked wire LED lights string for events, receptions, parties, and whatever other interior decoration you may be planning for. With two power sources to choose between, you’ll find the warm white lights that best fit your design needs.

80-Light Warm White Naked Wire L.E.D. Light String, Battery Operated

Item# KY-BO-WWH-80

Size: 13 1/2ft Long 

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Requires 3 AA batteries (Not Included)

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200-Light Warm White Naked Wire L.E.D. Light String, Plug-In


Size: 36ft Long 

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Battery Operated White Lights Strings for Sale

One option for illuminating your decorations or venue is with a battery-operated warm white naked wire LED lights string. This battery pack sits at the tail end of the wire string and holds three AA batteries which are not included in the original purchase. This smaller battery-operated string contains 80 individual warm white LED lights spaced evenly apart. The entire strand measures out to 13 1/2 feet long, giving you enough room to brightly illuminate a smaller area, while concealing and hiding the plastic battery pack.

Plug-In White Naked Wire White Lights String

A second option for brightening your space is with an electrical plug-in wire string. Almost tripled in length, this warm white naked wire LED light string extends to 36 feet long and has 200 lights. These lights are two inches apart, providing an even disbursement of color and light.

The warm white hue of the LED lights is ideal for matching décor and themes for every season and holiday. Accessorize an elongated dining room table for a family meal or intertwine the wire between the branches of a Christmas tree. Dangle the string from an awning or wrap it around support posts to add visual cues as well as as a bit of fairy-like twinkle.

When you purchase a warm white naked wire LED lights string wholesale from Jamali Garden, you’ll have package options as well. The battery-operated string can be purchased individually or in bulk as a set of 12. For the electrical plug option, you can buy a 36-foot strand separately or a case of 20 for your large decorating designs.