Are you organizing an event with a gentle, graceful pink color scheme reminiscent of spring buds and blooms? If feminine, floral, or fashionable is your aesthetic aim, Jamali Garden can help. With a vast array of pink event décor in every style, we have the products to suit your venue and your vision.

Beautiful Pink Blooms

Nothing complements a pale pink theme better than the best blooms for centerpieces and table arrangements. For single buds that are simple and elegant, arrange our light pink half moon peonies in a cluster and place them in an elegant vase. If you’re seeking an even softer shade, try a few artificial pink hydrangea stems in your bouquet. The subtle pink and cream variations are perfect for a blushing bride. And if your theme leans toward vintage, our antique hydrangea bouquet is romantic, realistic, and lovely, complete with raffia and artificial leaves.

Radiant Pink Ribbon For Arrangements

Complement your graceful floral arrangement or sweet centerpiece with the textures, materials, and added color variations of ribbon. For a whimsical, playful touch, try our carnation pink grosgrain ribbon — a simple, ribbed piece you can tie around your bridal bouquets, wrap around your floral centerpieces, or add as a base for your tables. To implement a more elegant aesthetic, use our precious pink delight swiss satin ribbon to decorate your vases, baskets, or bridal arrangements.

Wholesale Pink Décor

Need to buy pink wedding décor in bulk? Jamali Garden offers wholesale pricing options that ensure you can get the products you desire in the prices and quantities that suit you. Shop today!