Small & Large Jaspar Paysage Block

$39.99 - $80.00

Jasper stone is a dense, opaque Quartz. It is colored by oxides of iron and known for its tones of red, yellow, brown, green and blue. Its name is derived from the Greek word iaspis, meaning 'agate'. 

As a stone of courage, Jasper imparts determination and tenacity in all pursuits. It encourages to be honest with oneself when confronting problems and helps one recognize and overcome insecurities, fears and guilt. 

From Madagascar, sold exclusively at Jamali Garden.

Since this is a natural product, each piece is unique, and may vary in size & weight than listed.

Jaspar Paysage Block Small


Size: 5-6in Height 
Diameter: 3in

Weight: 3 lb.

This item can not be returned.


Jaspar Paysage Block Large


Size: 7-8in Height 
Diameter: 5-6

Weight: 8 lb.

This item can not be returned.

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