The Wall Street Journal, February 2016

For Flower School in the February 5th edition of The Wall Street Journal, in from 'LOOM TO BLOOM' floral designer Lindsey Taylor tries her hand at translating a Sheila Hicks textile work into a tightly woven bouquet in our Hammered Copper Bowl. The artist's “Emerging With Grace” (2016) serves as inspiration for her arrangement. "I started with a warm-toned footed copper-colored vase, whose wide opening let me form a horizontal bouquet. I used an old florist’s trick: mounding chicken wire and securing it inside with floral tape to ground weighty stems. To get the effect of something woven, with layers of colors and materials, I needed a varied palette: red and golden double tulips, russet chrysanthemums, yellow roses tipped with fleshy pink, a snip of burgundy physocarpus ‘little devil,’ buttery yellow ilex and turquoise porcelain berries. At the market, I stumbled on a branch of cotton, the ideal echo for the white seashell cradled in this work."

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