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  1. 7 ½in Antiqued Silver Handi Bowl
    7 ½in Antiqued Silver Handi Bowl
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  2. 11in Antique Brass Bowl
    11in Antique Brass Bowl
    Regular Price $48.00 Sale $35.00
  3. 9½ x 8 ½in Antiqued Brass Planter
    9½ x 8 ½in Antiqued Brass Planter
    Regular Price $49.99 Sale $39.99
  4. 9 ¼in Shiny Hammered Gold Bowl
    9 ¼in Shiny Hammered Gold Bowl
    Regular Price $28.00 Sale $24.99
  5. 10in & 12 ½in Square Antique Brass Trays
    10in & 12 ½in Square Antique Brass Trays


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113 Items

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Moroccan-Themed Wedding Decor

If you're planning a Moroccan-themed event like a wedding, turn to Jamali Garden. We provide all the decor you need to bring your inspiration to life and make the day memorable. You can create dazzling displays with our collection of shiny and metallic decorations. Our collection includes reflective, matte, and patterned designs.

We offer a wide array of gold and brass elements to choose from. The warm tone adds a touch of elegance to impress guests at the venue. You can pair the luxurious assortment with any color palette you prefer. Consider silver and nickel pieces if you want to decorate the space with cool tones and eye-catching details.  

Wholesale Moroccan Themed Wedding Decorations

Do you want a decorative element in each space or need to fill a large venue? Getting large quantities is easy with Jamali Garden. Many of our wedding products come with size options and opportunities to purchase items in sets. We offer ways to save when you order Moroccan-themed items in bulk. 

When you shop with us, you get the best of both worlds with quantity and quality. Our wholesale inventory includes beautiful materials with detailed or sleek textures and rich hues. Enjoy creating a magical celebration with stunning displays that can be treasured as keepsakes.

Many Ways to Style a Moroccan Theme

While there are many ways to style a Moroccan-themed wedding, we provide some ideas to bring your decorations the Moroccan inspiration you are looking for.

You can style a wedding lantern in a variety of ways. Consider placing real or faux candles in the vessels for an illuminating, mesmerizing display. The light reflects off the glass, creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere. The glowing lanterns can decorate an entryway, hallway, ceremony space, reception hall, or dance area.

Round or geometric vases are a must-have at a Moroccan-themed wedding. We offer a wide array of sizes ranging from about 3 inches to over 24 inches tall. Arrange your favorite assortment of silk flowers and plants in the vessels, whether you prefer vibrant and bold colors with exotic flair or want to choose classic and neutral pairings. 

Moroccan Table Displays for the Venue

The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating banquet tables. Create a beautiful display with a bowl or urn filled with water and floating flowers. The floral and earthy display is a well-favored staple at Moroccan gatherings. The symbol signifies future success, wishing the newlyweds a loving and prosperous life together.

To enhance the reception area, add a decorative tray to the sweetheart and guest tables. A gold or metallic color can pop as a statement piece. For an elaborate design, consider incorporating a 3-tier cake stand to add visual interest to the space. Feel free to add other natural elements like birds, butterflies, and feathers to the surrounding environment. These additions can look whimsical indoors or highlight an outdoor theme. 

Buy Moroccan Wedding Decor From Jamali Garden

Ready to prepare for a Moroccan-themed wedding? When you shop at Jamali Garden, you can get the high-quality items needed for your Moroccan wedding decor at wholesale prices. Browse our inventory to find inspiration for your special event and place your order today!