39 x 39in Tropical fern mat

If you need an exotic touch for your event or wedding, our tropical jungle mat will make an unforgettable addition to your décor. The large 39 by 39-inch mat features a mix of delicate faux ferns, long blades of grass, and other captivating greenery. Buy a large number of mats and link them together to create a "living wall" perfect for any space. Even though the greens are artificial, our tropical jungle mat is a great way to infuse nature into your venue. 


39 x 39in Tropical fern mat

Item# MZ189018A

4in High 

Weight: 8 lbs.

Color: Green

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39 x 39in Tropical Jungle Mat for Sale From Jamali Garden

Our tropical jungle mat is a versatile decoration that can be used anywhere you need something a bit wild or exotic. The lush greenery suits a variety of styles, from sunset summer dinner parties to elegant weddings with a more natural color scheme. 

Use this living wall as a luxurious background for your wedding ceremony. Or, create a fun, jungle-themed photo booth at your New Year's Eve celebration. It can even serve as a step-and-repeat wall for your guests to show off their glamorous style at your red carpet event. Buy our tropical jungle mat décor for a unique feature your guests will never forget.