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  1. Amber Lustre Glass Nuggets, 5lb Bag
    Amber Lustre Glass Nuggets, 5lb Bag


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  2. Pearlised Glass Rocks
    Pearlised Glass Rocks


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  3. frosted clear sea glass
    Frosted Sea glass


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  4. Light Green Acrylic Sea Glass
    Light Green Acrylic Sea Glass


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45 Items

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Glass Vase Fillers

Jamali Garden's wide range of glass vase fillers is excellent for weddings and other events. Create a unique centerpiece of interesting light fixtures with our feathers, sand, or stones. Our products are easily interchangeable so you can combine elements to suit your tastes.

When you buy wholesale at Jamali Garden, you're sure to get quality at a great price. Jamali Garden is the industry's finest source for floral and wedding supplies. 

Fabulous Feathers

Jamali Garden has a wide selection of feathers to suit everyone's taste. Whether you prefer to use exotic peacock feathers or a simple ostrich plume, we have it all. 

Mix our peacock feathers within your floral arrangements to add an unexpected detail to your centerpieces. When paired with our gold mouth jar vase or our dogwood branch, your centerpieces will be the highlight of any event.

Incorporate our ostrich feathers in white, black, red, brown, and tan into your next wedding or event decor theme. Use our feathers in a floral arrangement or have them stand alone in a vase. You can place ostrich feathers in a glass vase such as our optical glass round vase with a lighter colored flower such as our blooming white roses.


Buy Shells in Bulk

If your event has a beach theme or you're looking for a natural texture, what better way to include an organic element than with our collection of seashells? Our shells come in various shapes and colors to add ocean-themed elegance to any event.

You can use glass vases like our rectangle glass vase to show off your mixed-and-matched shell collections. Create simple yet inspired accents when you place shells around the bottom of our gold rim ribbed glass tea light holder. Check out our full DIY guide to Decorating with Sand & Seashells!

Glamorous Garlands

If you'd like to fill your glass vases with shells while keeping the pieces together, our shells and starfish garlands are your answer. You can layer these seaside garlands in a glass vase, such as our rectangular glass vases

You could also place our white knobby starfish garland in a deeper vase, like our mercury glass cutwork cylinders, for a vintage beach feel. Feel free to mix and match with all of our shells to create a unique combination. 

Beautiful Colored Glass to Fill Vases

Add color to your clear glass vases with our colored sea glass and glass nuggets. You can use our colored glass to hold flowers and other decorative materials in place. We have many beautiful colors that will complement the theme of any wedding. 

You can make the most of our glass when you place amber lustre glass nuggets or other colors in a candle holder. For example, our pleated glass votive holder has the size and shape to work nicely. When you place a light near the vase, the stones look like sparkling jewels that catch the eye of all your guests. 

Create a Beach Feel With Sand

Filling your glass vases with sand will add a natural element that can transform your event. Place shells on top of the sand in your vases to create a beachy feel, even if you're miles away from the beach.

With our fine off-white, black, and white superfine sand kit, you can layer our sand to create elegant displays. Create visually pleasing table displays at your event with our square glass trays. If you'd like to incorporate another element into your display, include a candle or plant, such as our blue artificial echeveria pick

Use Stones for a Natural Feel

Fill your glass vase with stones for a natural element that will add visual interest to any design. Our selection includes marble, river stones, and gravel. Fill a vase with these stones alone or layer them with sand and shells for a unique natural centerpiece. Any of our wide selection of stones would look great in a glass vase, such as our octagon crystal vase, which guests can admire from all angles.

Shop Glass Vase Fillers in Bulk at Jamali Garden

Jamali Garden is proud to offer wholesale glass vase fillers for a one-of-a-kind style. Our bulk prices allow you to save and get the quantities you need for events. Browse our glass vase fillers to find the perfect element to complement your theme today!