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Grass Mats

Are you creating a lively, natural atmosphere for an upcoming event? Our one-of-a-kind grass mats combine organic elements with lush, green hues, making it easy to transform your venue and bring your vision to life. At Jamali Garden, we offer a wide selection of grass mat products for your decor needs.

Whether you want to create a living wall with silk flowers at your spring wedding or integrate artificial grass into your tabletop displays at an anniversary party, our grass mats can make any arrangement even more stunning. You can buy our grass mats online in bulk, so you can get the high-quality decorations you need to make your extravagant vision a reality!

Our Wide Range of Grass Mats

Each of our grass mat options is exceptionally well-crafted. Your guests will think it's real moss, whether they're far away or up close. We've also created an array of grass mats to suit multiple venues and celebrations. If you want to create a floral wall, we offer grass designs integrated with flowers to help achieve your vision.

At Jamali Garden, we also offer grass mats that contain different types of leaves and colors for greater variation and dimension. No matter what interior design you have in mind, our grass mats can help bring it to life and impress your guests as soon as they arrive.

Tropical and Mixed Fern Mats

If you want to incorporate an airy, light feel into your venue's decorations, try our fern mats. We carry two options that offer a contrast between vivid and light green hues and different leaves. Our unique tropical fern mat provides an understated exotic touch, giving your wedding or event a fun and unexpected accent. You can also opt for our 20-by-20 mixed fern mat that will provide a more classic feel, resulting in a delicate and inspired backdrop. 

Different Boxwood Mats

Our boxwood options are versatile and realistic to help you achieve any look and dazzle your guests upon arrival. Our variegated long boxwood mat combines stems of different sizes with yellow and green hues for a colorful, springtime accent. Our classic green boxwood mat will provide the timeless decor you're looking for to complete the interior decor at your wedding or intimate ceremony. If you want to take your design to the next level, you can decorate a classy boxwood mat with lights or add additional flowers to create a soft and romantic feel.

Elegant Ivy Mat and Grass Mats

Ideal for weddings, anniversary parties, or other intimate celebrations, our timeless and striking ivy mats provide a lovely addition to any venue. Whether you're looking for a backdrop or an impressive accent piece for your venue, our ivy mat can help highlight your floral arrangements or other organic displays.

If you really want to add a touch of the outdoors to your event, you can try our small and large lush grass mat designs. These decorations will add an element of freshness and vibrancy combine realistic outdoor features with the uniqueness of your display. Use ivy and grass mats to complement your event's theme with natural style.

Buy Grass Mats Online in Bulk From Jamali Garden

Enthrall your guests with carefully crafted grass mats from Jamali Garden. No matter the style or design of your venue, our grass mats can make the most of your space with organic charm. From their high-quality designs to eye-catching colors and leaves, grass and ivy mats will turn heads as soon as your guests enter the room. Your guests will be impressed — and you will, too!

Browse our product selection to find the grass mat options that suit your event's theme. You can even purchase our products wholesale to ensure you get the amounts you need to transform your space. Place an order with Jamali Garden and experience the difference today!