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  1. Preserved Gold Roses, Set of 6
    Preserved Gold Roses, Set of 6
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  2. 9in Red Eternity Rose Pomander
    9in Red Eternity Rose Pomander
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  3. 6ft Pink Rose Garland
    6ft Pink Rose Garland


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    5in Mini Purple Rose Ball
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Wholesale Silk Roses from Jamali Garden

Roses have long been the flower of love. Each different color of rose signifies a different type of love, feeling or message from the giver to the recipient. Jamali Garden has the entire rainbow of silk roses.

With all these colors and meanings, you can mix, match and combine a bouquet to express exactly how you feel. But what if you’re just one of the many people who love the graceful and luxurious richness of a rose? Then you can appreciate the everlasting beauty of Jamali Garden’s high-quality, realistic silk roses!

Jamali Garden can help you with any silk roses you need. Here are just a few of the ways we’ve seen rose-lovers be creative:

  • - A vintage teacup and matching saucer filled with a lemon hazy day rose and baby’s breath is a sweet way to add a sophisticated touch to any surface.
  • - Framing a mirror with rose stems attached together to make a vine adds feminine romance anywhere.
  • - Tuck a single rose stem into your curtain tie-backs, whether at home or in an event venue, for a beautiful accent that will be noticed by all.
  • - Find a teacart at a resale shop and lay a bouquet of silk roses on it to look like fresh-cut garden stems.
  • - A cardboard monogram and a glue gun can turn a bunch of silk rose tops into a remarkable and welcoming focal point, or a lovely monogram for a wedding. 

No matter where your particular design sensibilities might take you, the high-quality, realistic-looking silk roses at Jamali Garden are perfect for bouquets, corsages and centerpieces. The only limit is your imagination!

Whatever your message or style, the silk red roses at Jamali Garden will make your project or decoration gorgeous, affordable and long-lasting. Shop our selection today!