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Cherry Blossom Artificial Flowers

The captivating cherry blossom is a harbinger of spring. Although this lovely perennial blooms for just a short time each year, its delicate life span has made the cherry blossom a symbol of hope and renewal. With Jamali Garden, every season can be cherry blossom season. We have a wide variety of silk artificial cherry blossom branches perfect for bringing a sweet and charming touch to any style of event. 

Our stems come in many hues, from gentle pinks and whites to unique yellow and red offerings. Our lifelike faux cherry blossoms ensure the beauty of spring can be captured whenever you wish. 

Create Stylish Arrangements With Bulk Cherry Blossom Silk Flowers

Cherry blossoms are an ideal decorative element for springtime events and weddings. Yet, their delicate beauty will make an enchanting element no matter when or where they're displayed. Cherry blossom sprays and branches can be showcased individually or paired with complementary flowers to make an eye-catching arrangement. They're equally elegant when grouped with other cherry blossom stems of the same color. 

Here are some of our favorite ideas for using silk cherry blossoms as part of your stylish event or wedding décor. 

Enjoy the Classic Beauty of Pink Cherry Blossoms

Pink is the traditional color of the cherry blossom, but our pink silk stems represent a variety of breathtaking hues. You can find colors ranging from gentle blush to cheery pink to bright and vibrant fuchsia. How you use these pink-colored stems is only limited by your own imagination. 

Gather a dozen or so pink cherry blossom branches and cluster them together in a stately glass vase with clear marbles. The tall branches are a gorgeous way to welcome your guests when featured by the entryway of your venue. Pink cherry blossoms are also perfect as spring holiday décor. Create an Easter or Mother's Day centerpiece with our lush pale pink cherry blossom spray. The pretty pastels will bring a special touch to your event. 

Decorate Your Event With White Cherry Blossom Artificial Flowers

If you want to pair your cherry blossoms with other more vibrant blooms, white cherry blossoms can be used as an impactful filler flower. Create a gorgeous bouquet of white cherry blossoms with bright pink peonies or vivid yellow orchids. For a whimsical centerpiece, mix your white cherry blossoms with a few decorative picks, like peacock feathers, and display them in a stylish, aged black vase for dramatic contrast.

Buy Cherry Blossom Silk Flowers Wholesale From Jamali Garden

Browse our wide selection of cherry blossom branches and sprays to find the perfect touch for your upcoming wedding or event. Whether your style tends toward traditional romance or contemporary chic, you'll find that cherry blossoms are an impactful decorative element. Purchase yours wholesale from Jamali Garden today!