Our unique selection of cube and oblong vases bring a radiant, modern look guests will remember. The collection includes a variety of cube, square, and rectangular shaped glass vases. Use distinctive cube vases to create a memorable centerpiece for wedding or event tables. Reflect glowing candlelight and decorative floral patterns with a square mirror vase. Square glass trays will leave a lasting impression as a creative wedding table centerpiece. The 7in Glass Cube Vase is a must have for florists, designers, and wedding planners. Jamali Garden’s cube vases come in colors and tones like gold, black, amber, silver, white, and mosaic glass. Make the colors of your floral arrangements pop with a black cube vase or gold square vase. Give the wedding, event, or party an inspired look by hanging square glass wall vases. Show off the rounded corners of an elegant square glass vase with tall flower stems or a Eucalyptus branch.