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  1. 3 ¼in Square Cut Cube Glass Vase
    3 ¼in Square Cut Cube Glass Vase


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    Square Glass Trays


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Wholesale Square Glass Vases 

Every event needs unique decorations that enhance the theme, complement the color scheme, and enchant your guests. Jamali Garden is here to make that happen. We offer beautiful glass vases that transform a venue and bring your hard work to life. Take a break from searching for the best place to buy square vases in bulk, and trust us to supply you with the perfect vessels for your centerpieces. 

Browse our square vases and find the items you need to decorate your venue.

Buy Square Glass Vases Wholesale

Square vases are can be unique and extremely elegant. When incorporated into your centerpieces, they add an unexpected, modern touch to your floral arrangements or candles. You can make these vases fit your event's theme with additional items like jewels, mirrors, candles, and flowers. These options are simple and sophisticated, so they'll showcase the elements you want to highlight. Pick the vessels that speak to you, and make your event decor stand out!

Tall and Short Square Vases

In the center of a table or upon a mirrored platform, square glass vases holding lit candles are indescribably beautiful. Whether you choose real candles or LED tea lights, the flames create beautiful shadows on the table and put your guests at ease as they enjoy the event. For weddings, consider using tall, square vases so that the candlelight travels up the sides of the glass. You can also sprinkle rose petals for the candles to beautifully illuminate.

Short, square vases are perfect for candles and flowers. Fill a vase with big bundles of hydrangeas or peonies and place small tealight candles around the vase with crystal beads. Your tables will look elegant and vibrant, especially with a bright petal color.

Colorful and Intricate Square Vases for Sale

While simplicity is critical for some people, bold and unusual design elements are essential for others. One of the edgiest and sleekest vases in our collection is the black glass cube vase. This dark vessel is striking on its own. When you pair such containers with deep red and vibrant orange flowers, you grab your guests' attention. 

A second stunning piece is our mirror strips cube vase. Buy this lovely addition for a sophisticated and romantic affair, and allow flowers to drape beautifully above the mirrored strips, framing your guests' reflections. Another fascinating vase is the dimpled glass vase, which comes in colors like green and amber. Its large size makes it perfect for forest-themed or water-based centerpieces. Fill the vessel with water and allow leaves or candles to float on top, or make greenery spill out over the sides. 

Buy Square Vases in Bulk From Jamali Garden

With many square vases to choose from at Jamali Garden, you can turn wedding and event centerpieces into interactive and intriguing decorations. Create your vision, and we'll help you bring your idea to life. Start your order today, and buy square glass vases for centerpieces wholesale to save money while getting the quantities you need for your upcoming event!