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Silk Plants - Boxwood

Our boxwood plants integrate organic elements into any space and add stunning accents to your celebrations to transform the atmosphere entirely. At Jamali Garden, we've crafted each of our designs with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in boxwood plants that look and feel genuine due to their rich hues and smooth leaves.

You can display our boxwood designs individually or with other decorations. No matter what, you'll amaze guests with the beauty of your interior. Our designs are so versatile you can use them at any time of the year, from springtime weddings and summer parties to festive holiday events.

How Our Boxwood Will Enhance Your Venue

Whether your venue is large or small, Jamali Garden has boxwood designs that can make the most of your space and dazzle your guests from the moment they enter the room. You can border the room with our lush garland, hang wreaths on the doors, or create an outdoor backdrop for photos. Our array of boxwood designs will help you accomplish your design vision in the most refined and high-class way possible.

Whichever designs you choose to integrate into your theme, your guests are sure to love our boxwood products. Our boxwood topiaries, wreaths, and other pieces look realistic both up close and far away, resulting in stunning interior decor for any event.

Stunning Boxwood Topiaries

If you want your venue to exude elegance, trust our double ball preserved boxwood topiaries and their enchanting qualities. We've potted this set in a durable, neutral-toned vase so you can display it in any part of your venue. The varying heights add additional interest and dimension.

You can showcase these topiary designs along a path, against the wall, or at every entrance to ensure that your guests see them upon arrival. We also offer other sizing options, such as our 14-inch boxwood ball topiary, which you can use as a stunning centerpiece to enhance your tablescape.

Versatile Boxwood Ball Designs

Our preserved potted boxwood ball designs are a great way to incorporate a subtle yet effective deep green hue around your venue. We offer sizes as small as 4 and 7 inches, so you can display these accents anywhere, including windowsills, bar areas, and shelves. You can get the most out of every space, no matter how big or small it is. You can also opt for our small potted boxwood ball with its paper-mache pot to remain consistent with other topiary designs while providing variation. 

Decorative Wreaths and Garlands

You can use our boxwood wreaths and garlands for holiday events and much more. Their lushness and elegant ribboning are ideal for any summer or spring wedding in addition to winter decor and holiday parties.

If you want your garland to exude a romantic tone, opt for our 6-foot artificial garland with light green foliage and realistic branches or our flowering faux boxwood vine with stunning details. You can also add our classic green boxwood option to your design. This garland's timeless appearance is ideal for creating a border around your venue, wrapping around banisters or pillars, and draping across tables. 

Hanging and Square Boxwood Mats

Integrate our square preserved boxwood mats into your space to tie your decor theme together. These one-of-a-kind mats will guide your guests' eyes around the room and bring your other boxwood decorations to life with their vibrant green hues. You can even incorporate ceiling decorations to match your venue's floors with our unique faux hanging boxwood. Display these vines above archways and entrances for an exquisite woodland atmosphere. 

Buy Boxwood Online from Jamali Garden for Your Event

Our elegant collection of boxwood designs ensures that you'll find a product to make the most of your space and dazzle guests. Buy boxwood online from Jamali Garden today and make your vision a reality. If your event is large-scale, you can even use our bulk-buying option to get all the decor you need at reduced costs.