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  1. white marble bowl with faux olive branch
    White Marble Bowl
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  2. 5in Blue Ceramic Ripple Pot
    5in Blue Ceramic Ripple Pot


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Ceramic Bowl Vases

From beautiful purple pedestal bowls to marble vases with brass detailing, we have a wide selection of ceramic bowl vases that will transform your upcoming event's venue and create an enchanting atmosphere of your own. Each of our ceramic bowl vases is as durable as it is breath-taking. You can rely on these vases to act as a dependable, design-minded foundation for any arrangement, whether you're going for a modern look or a minimalistic display.

Our Wide Array of Colors and Designs

We carry a wide selection of ceramic bowl vases that fit multiple needs. Whether you want a hand-thrown piece or a rough, organic vase, we can provide a range of textures and colors to align with any theme. With our versatile designs, you can choose to display an assortment of fruit as a centerpiece or another design unique to your event and style. 

We use a variety of materials to create our high-quality ceramic bowl vases. Our elegant and design-minded materials include: 

  • Marble: We offer our different ceramic bowl vases in black and white marble options, a luxurious material that adds class to any venue. You can include brass detailing as an additional design feature.
  • Lava rock: Our unique lava rock bowl vases are a great way to display succulents. These options include bowls with a porous, textured appearance and a polished finish for any theme.
  • Cement: With a matte finish and smooth surface, our cement fishbowl vases are both minimalistic and sophisticated. You can use these bowls to enhance any display, making them ideal for multiple uses.
  • Stoneware: Offered in an array of different shades, our striking stoneware bowls can bring any centerpiece to life. Our white options are a great way to display flowers, or you can decorate your venue with our other shades.

Order Our Ceramic Bowl Vases Wholesale

We understand the importance of using every inch of a venue, as it can make your vision a reality and impress your guests from the moment they set foot inside. Whether you're looking for one-of-a-kind decorations for a wedding or another event, our designs will become a staple of all your decoration needs. To ensure that every display is an inspiring and memorable part of your design vision, we offer ceramic bowl vases in different styles, materials, and colors. 

We also offer ceramic bowl vases wholesale, so you can have peace of mind that you'll receive as many bowls as you need. Browse our high-quality selection and place an order today.