Boxwood balls are the new staple in faux floral design for weddings and events as well as permanent arrangements for lobbies, offices and private homes. Their timeless elegance is classic, yet it can still make a bold statement depending on size and placement. Plus, the value of wholesale buying options at Jamali Garden makes boxwood balls a smart decorating investment no matter what you choose to use them for.

These small, four-inch balls can be strung to make a garland for a mantle or placed in a bowl as a centerpiece. Small- and medium-sized balls can be hung with jute from a trellis at varying lengths above a patio table to create a lovely focal point.

The most striking way to use boxwood balls is to assemble a three-tiered topiary using multi-sized balls. Whether in a simple urn or an ornate ceramic pot, a topiary is an eye-catcher anywhere it’s placed.

Imagine the regal look of two of these beauties — one on each side of your main entrance. You could easily make smaller, single-tiered versions for a mantle, shelf or end table. A row of mini topiaries on your windowsill or desk is an easy way to add a fresh decorative touch.

Find everything you need to make beautiful, classically-inspired design accents for your events using boxwood balls at Jamali Garden.