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Boxwood Balls

Boxwood balls are a staple interior decoration for any event due to their exceptional versatility. Boxwood designs combine sophisticated and contemporary elements with lush hues and high-quality leaves. It's easy to make boxwood suit the precise needs of your venue or event. You can drape lights across them to create a softer atmosphere or add silk flowers to fashion an attention-grabbing centerpiece.

At Jamali Garden, we've refined our boxwood decorations to ensure you can achieve any look you have in mind, whether you're picturing a permanent or temporary display. With our boxwood balls, you can find a design — or a combination of designs — that will stand out and make your venue sparkle.

Different Uses for Our Boxwood Balls

We've created an array of boxwood ball designs, making it easy for you to get the most out of your venue. You can create unique displays utilizing our faux boxwood balls set. These sets can also function as natural centerpieces when you combine them with a stunning vase or marble urn.

Our large boxwood ball design is ideal for capturing guests' attention as soon as they step inside your venue. This product is 20 inches in diameter, so it will make an impact anywhere you place it. Whether you pair our faux boxwood balls together or showcase them individually, our designs are an eye-catcher anywhere — mantles, entrances, patios, tables, and more!

Sizing Options for Our Boxwood Designs

Our boxwood products come in various sizes to accommodate everyone's style. We have 6-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch boxwood balls preserved with natural glycerin for an organic appearance you won't find anywhere else. Because of our varying diameters, you can select an option that best fits your tablescape or other design needs. We also carry larger options, such as our 20-inch and 16-inch boxwood ball designs, which can act as the room's focal point or provide a lush, outdoorsy border for your venue.

Preserved and Faux Boxwood Balls

We've designed our selection of boxwood balls with different materials to ensure you get the look you want. With our preserved boxwood designs, the leaves appear glossy and contain varying hues of green for extra dimension. You can also choose our faux boxwood products for a natural look, as our designs include different stem lengths for a lifelike appearance. Lastly, we carry wicker and grass ball designs, which will hold their shape throughout the night and offer a unique, vine-like appearance with brown accents behind its leaves.

Buy Boxwood Balls Online From Jamali Garden

Browse our wide selection and buy boxwood balls online today to make your event a night to remember. You can buy our designs in bulk to save money without sacrificing the quality of your decorations or the amounts you need. Place an order for our boxwood balls today and make the most of your venue!