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Preserved and Artificial Moss

We offer an array of preserved and artificial mosses for all your decorating needs. When you're looking for a subtle, dimensional accent to bring a design together, moss is the perfect option. Jamali Garden carries several types of decorative moss items, including mats, balls, and bags. You can use moss balls as festive ornaments for a monochromatic Christmas tree or create a unique moss table runner for an earthy tone at your next dinner party.

Jamali Garden is your one-stop resource for high-quality preserved moss and other natural elements to enhance any event. Shop our selection of genuine and faux moss balls, mats, and decorations. With our massive selection, you'll find something that suits your vision for a rustic wedding or storefront. Our in-stock inventory and wholesale prices make shopping with Jamali Garden an exceptional experience.

Decorative Moss for Weddings

At Jamali Garden, we carry various moss types and items to suit your next event. Between our range of genuine and faux moss items, you'll find the beautiful and lasting mats, balls, or other decorative products you need.

Preserved Moss

Preserved moss is a unique addition to any tablescape or display. This subtle but bold design element acts as a lush green accent and brings natural energy to any space. Jamali Garden has several moss options preserved to last, including reindeer moss, Spanish moss, and sheet moss. We carry items from SuperMoss, one of the leading preserved moss providers in the industry.

Our genuine moss balls are perfect for festive ornaments or nature-themed hanging elements all year round. Preserved moss keeps its fresh green color and complements other earth tones to lend any environment a rustic air. Bags of preserved moss clumps or sheet moss add a memorable touch when you use them around candles and centerpieces or as filler for arrangements.

Faux Moss

Artificial moss replicates the unique texture and appearance of genuine moss with extra durability. You can use faux moss to create whimsical tablescapes and rustic designs indoors and outdoors. Define any room with a unique faux living wall using green moss mats, fashion an enchanting table runner, or make an organic photo backdrop for weddings and parties. Whether you need subtle accents or a memorable statement piece, artificial moss provides the dimension and interest you need.

Buy Wholesale Preserved Moss

Jamali Garden is your one-stop shop for all things decorating, whether you're planning an event or designing for a retail or home interior. Our fine selection of genuine and faux moss items complements any space with a touch of nature. Stock up on wholesale products to ensure you have enough moss to complete your projects or decorate your entire venue. Even when you place a large order, you'll save time and money when you order high-quality moss from Jamali Garden.


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