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Ceramic Cube and Oblong Vases

Cube-shaped ceramic vases add a contemporary twist to your home decor or your next event. At Jamali Garden, we've cultivated an extensive collection of cube and oblong vases in various shapes, sizes, and finishes. Shop our collection online to find ceramic cube vases wholesale from the industry's leading supplier in home and wedding decor.

Get Decorative Ceramic Cube Vases

Many of our ceramic cube and oblong vases are available in several dimensions with the same finish. Place smaller vases on a bookshelf or other small surfaces in your home. You can also use them to decorate tight areas at your next event, like bars and high-top tables that have little space for decor.

Coordinate plants and flower arrangements around your home by placing them in vases with the same look or finish. Our collection of ceramic cube vases offers matte black, glossy white, and smooth cement finished products.

Design Industrial-Chic Centerpieces

Industrial wedding and event decor is increasingly popular. This style involves modern and contemporary shapes and clean lines with more industrial, raw materials like cement and metals. Put together a chic, industrial centerpiece for your next event using cement cube vases from our Atelier collection.

Our Atelier cement cube vases have a smooth, matte whitewash finish and are available in multiple sizes you can mix and match to suit your needs. Pair our 5 3/4-inch tall cement rectangle vase with our 4-inch cement cube vase and a small cement bowl to create a chic little trio. You can fill your vases with pastel flowers like our faux light pink hydrangeas to give the vases a softer, more ethereal appearance. Floating small candles in your cement bowl produces a warm glow.

Create Cluster-Style Centerpieces

Traditional centerpieces feature one large floral arrangement or a single display piece that takes up the center of your tables. However, we've seen a trend towards smaller, cluster-style centerpieces. With cluster centerpieces, you coordinate multiple small pieces to create one cohesive showpiece that can be customized to fit any space. 

If you have round tables, these clusters usually stay in the center, but if your tables are long and rectangular, they can act as a table runner, spreading down to either end. You can various numbers of pieces together, depending on how much space you have. Clusters let you match your arrangements for every area, like the ends of the bar or bathroom counters.

Our collection of ceramic cube and oblong vases is perfect for creating cluster-style centerpieces. Many of the vases match, making coordination easy. Pair several of our 12-inch tall white ceramic rectangular vases with 5 3/4-inch white ceramic cube vases and stagger them along the center of a rectangular table. You can also include our crystal candlesticks and weave garlands of greenery around the bases of the objects to tie everything together.

Buy Ceramic Cube Vases Online

Jamali Garden is your one-stop shop to find everything you need to decorate your home or plan your next celebration. We stock top-quality products sourced from all over the world and make them available online with wholesale prices and fast shipping. Shop now to find inspiring new products!