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  1. 6ft. Metal Branch L.E.D. Light
    6ft. Metal Branch L.E.D. Light
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  2. 7in White L.E.D. Disco Fireball
    7in White L.E.D. Disco Fireball


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Large Selection of LED Products

With LED lights, your initial investment in some beautiful lighting can be used for one event after another. LED bulbs are made of plastic and use light-emitting diodes instead of a traditional filament to produce their lovely, warm glow. That means they don't heat up, making them much safer to the touch. They're also longer-lasting. Once your event has come to a close, you can store your LED lighting for your next special occasion. 

Our range of colors ensures you set the perfect tone for your event, whether you want to wrap your fun-filled party with multicolor LED lighting or create an intimate glow at your wedding with LED fairy lights.

LED Light Strings

There's no form of lighting quite as versatile as string lights. Our LED lights strands can be incorporated in a number of creative ways. Our strands of light come in a variety of beautiful colors, including white, amber, multicolored, blue, purple, and red. You can also choose naked wire, clear, or green cords. 

Add a strand of fairy lights inside a mason jar or elegant clear vase to create a dazzling decorative element. Or, drape the walls and ceiling in strands of light to create the illusion of a twinkling night sky. There is no end of possibilities when it comes to LED light strings!

Centerpiece Lighting

You put a lot of time and effort into creating beautiful centerpieces. Ensure they get the attention they deserve with vivid floral lighting. We have submersible LED lights that can be added to the water of your floral arrangements to bring a dash of color to your centerpiece. We also offer miniature spotlights and LED light bases so that you can brighten your table décor with some dramatic uplighting.

Buy LED Lights for Events and Weddings Wholesale

Buy your LED lighting online at Jamali Garden. Our array of beautiful lights are available at special wholesale pricing so that you can get the quantity you need to illuminate the night at an affordable price. Browse our wide selection of LED lighting to find the perfect option for your event or wedding.


LED Lighting Ideas & Guides

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