Our glass cylinder vases are an excellent trick for adding simple accents to any room. Jamali Garden’s lush assemblage includes a variety of different shaped and sized tall cylinder vases. The vases in our collection vary in height, shape, and size from 6 x 24 inch glass cylinders to 5 x 4 inch glass cylinders. Styles of glass cylinders include etched glass, platinum ribbed, bud, rattan, tree bark, diamond, hurricane, mirror strips, high glass, frosted glass, and mosaic tile. Vases and cylinders are available in colors and tones such as copper, pink, silver, black, yellow, platinum, white, and mercury glass. Diamond cut glass cylinders will bring subtlety and class to a wedding or event centerpiece. Liven up the ambiance at your hotel or restaurant with a silver cutwork cylinder. Use a 20 to 31 inch thick glass cylinder vase to create an eye catching flower arrangement with cherry blossoms or amaryllis—floating candles and submersible lights are another wonderful idea for adding grand effect.