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  1. 5 x 15in Antique Silver Cylinder
    5 x 15in Antique Silver Cylinder


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Wholesale Glass Cylinder Vases

Decorations are essential for any event, including weddings, fundraisers, and showers. Flowers are some of the most notable and time-honored decorations. Carefully selected blooms and vases make a statement at any gathering, enhancing the event's theme and bringing delight to any venue. If you've chosen your flowers and need beautiful vases to complement them, look no further than Jamali Garden's collection of wholesale clear glass cylinder vases.

Glass Cylinder Vases for Your Event

Glass and diamond-cut glass cylinder vases are classic decorating choices for events. Our simple glass vases come in various heights, widths, and shapes. Our variety of cylinder vases are traditionally shaped vases, perfect for long-stemmed roses and greenery. Use these vessels for an event, or add them to an open house or work office. Diamond-cut vases trace back to 18th-century England and Ireland, delivering sophistication and class to any party.

Other shapes like our round vase sets and additional cylinder vase sets are perfect for decorating tables for weddings and charity events. These traditional vessels match almost any color or theme. Their simplicity makes them versatile, so you can fill them with water, flower, lights, or candles. The varying heights and widths provide depth and variation for everyone around the table to admire. Other cylinder styles include the hanging vase, which you can fill with a few wispy blossoms for a simple, elegant touch.

If you're buying a large supply, you can count on Jamali Garden. Buy glass cylinder vases in bulk, or add cases of round or hanging vessels to your cart. With these options, you can decorate consistently throughout the entire venue. 

Colored and Textured Vases Add Flair

If you want unique vessels for your centerpieces and floral arrangements, Jamali Garden has everything you could imagine. Our glass vases come in several colors and textures, such as ripple, pewter ombre, antique copper, and Saigon cane wrapping. Choose the vases that will bring an edge to your beautiful gathering's aesthetic.

Many vases have colorful glass. The amber glass bottle bud vase is a beautiful and uncommon piece, bringing warmth and vibrance to your tables. Pair it with simple colors like white and blue to enchant your guests with an unexpected twist in decor. Our antique ripple vases come in many shapes and colors, so they make the perfect match for a majestic wedding with a theme that invokes images of fairytales and magic.

For a simple, country-inspired look, you'll love the Saigon cane-wrapped vases. These beautiful glass vessels have a woven bamboo material that looks stunning with vibrant country wildflowers and daisies. Saigon cane-wrapped vases also create safe containers for candles. The flame will cast dancing shadows on the table in the woven pattern.

Buy Clear Glass Cylinder Vases in Bulk From Jamali Garden

Our wholesale clear glass cylinder vases are perfect for any venue, no matter the theme or color scheme. Buy them in bulk and watch the room transform as you arrange the vases with flowers and candles. Browse our colored and textured vases for a bold decor scheme. With the right flowers and surrounding decorations, you can create an atmosphere unlike any other.

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