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Wholesale Glass Cloches for Sale

Translucent glass coverings add a touch of elegance to any venue, business, or home decor. Rounded designs offer endless uses for showcasing anything you'd like guests to see, from floral displays to treasured keepsakes. Jamali Garden offers a wholesale collection, allowing you to save money when you buy glass cloches in bulk. 

Choose a Cloche to Match Your Distinct Style

Bell jar containers make gorgeous centerpieces for events and holiday decor. The gentle slope of the glass offers a classic, sophisticated way to display food or decorative items at a venue. At Jamali Garden, our inventory of clear domes features many designs to suit any style, whether you're aiming for vintage, modern, or classic decor themes.

Glass Cloche With Wood Base

A glass cloche with a wood base looks beautiful in any space. The combination of an earthy base with a transparent covering provides visual interest when you display floral stem and bundle assortments in any color. We offer a 10-inch square glass cloche with a square base as a chic, geometric option. The light coloring of the base looks fantastic, with natural outdoor elements and grooves to hold the cover in place. 

Our 13-inch glass bell jar and 15-inch glass container offer larger display options. These wood bases include darker stains with a warm tint to match well with many event themes. Whether you're staging rustic or contemporary styles, the simplistic design offers the perfect place to showcase props or decorations. Three knobs on the bottom of each base add sturdiness and elevate the cloches for a sophisticated appearance.

Cloche With Clear Base

Jamali Garden offers many cloches with clear bases for a beautiful, cohesive aesthetic. They include rounded knobs on the top for easy use when picking up the glass container. A diamond-cut apothecary jar and glass cloche set include vintage containers with a unique, textured pattern and a smooth cloche with a plate for holding sweets or keepsakes. 

Porous designs in our 6-inch glass terrariums and 9 1/2 -inch glass terrariums allow air through two side holes. A deep glass tray offers a great way to hold succulents and plants for a pop of greenery in your decorations. The clear base features rounded, extended sides for a unique shape.

Other Unique Cloches

For a touch of glamor, use a 13-inch glass pedestal to display fruits of any kind or other foods, props, or keepsakes. A silver stem adds a shiny glimmer of luxury to the clear base, and the cloche fits seamlessly into the shallow cup. The rounded handle with a point on the top adds a charming detail and allows for easy opening and closing of the container.

If you don't need a base, a medium-sized glass jar bell adds a dash of style to any room. Place a tray or plate of sweets underneath the dome to keep them fresh and tasty. The cloche includes a spherical knob at the top and narrow glass cascades down into a wider size at the surface of your table. 

Buy Glass Cloches in Bulk From Jamali Garden

Jamali Garden offers a glass cloche wholesale inventory to suit your home, restaurant, wedding, or event decorating needs. Store or display anything you'd like stylishly. Buy in bulk quantities to save more today.