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Wholesale Cloches for Sale

While the concept may be a tad less common today, you've undoubtedly seen a cloche before. These translucent glass coverings create wonderful displays, perfect for impactful event and home décor that catches guests' eyes. At Jamali Garden, we have a wide selection of wholesale cloches and bell jars available online. These delicate, crystal clear containers make stunning centerpieces and are the perfect way to showcase anything you'd like to bring special attention to. 

Choose a Cloche to Match Your Distinct Style

The concept is simple. A glass dome with a simple or elaborate base. Yet, the cloche is a great way to bring elegant style to your event or home décor. From wedding centerpieces to holiday decorations, you'll find endless uses for your stylish cloches when you buy them wholesale from Jamali Garden. Our inventory features several different designs you can choose from, so you can pick what suits your style best.

Cloche With Clear Base

The cloche itself is the clear glass covering used to protect whatever you place inside. If you'd like to bring special attention to the lovely dome cover, then a simple, clear base is all you need. Bring some vintage flair to your holiday event by displaying a few mercury glass ornaments in our glass bell jar. Or, store some candies or colored stones in our ornate diamond cut apothecary jar year-round. We also love how lush succulents look showcased in a bell jar with a clear base.

Wood-Based Cloche

Combining the delicate glass of the cloche with a wood base brings a natural feel to this traditional decorative accent. With a taller dome, our 13-inch glass cloche on a wood base is a lovely way to display your favorite flowers. Or, fill our wider 15-inch glass cloche on a wood base with an assortment of colorful fruit for a cheery summer centerpiece. 

Pedestal and Cloche

For events that call for something a bit more regal, we love the stately designs of our cloches that sit atop a pedestal base. Our rounded mini glass pedestal and cloche would make a stunning accent on the gift tables of your elegant wedding. Or, showcase your sweet tooth by displaying a few sumptuous sweets in our glass cloche with a plate.

Buy Wholesale Cloches Online From Jamali Garden

The cloche is making a comeback, and for good reason. This classic décor will make a gorgeous centerpiece for your wedding, special event, or home. From your favorite holiday ornaments to shells and other keepsakes from your seaside vacation, the cloche is a versatile decorative element with boundless potential. 

If you're planning a wedding or large event, be sure to buy your cloche or bell jars in bulk to save on the quantities you need.  Jamali Garden is your premier choice for supplying wholesale event and home décor as well as stylish  floral supplies. Be sure to browse our assortment of cloches and other gorgeous decorative accents, and shop today to elevate your decor!