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Wholesale Plastic Pots and Planters

Choose plastic pots and planters for easy, low-maintenance decorations in your home or event space. Plastic is no-fuss and super lightweight, but it also features a beautiful smooth appearance and simple, minimalistic designs to fit in with any decor scheme or event theme.

At Jamali Garden, we stock a variety of wholesale plastic pots and planters available in bulk. Our pots feature many colors and finishes, including black, charcoal, silver, aged black, and terracotta. The pots all come in a range of sizes, so you can be sure to find the perfect pot for your plant and create your ideal decor for less.

Plastic Terracotta Pots

Terracotta pots are distinct, with an unmistakable brown-orange color and a classic garden look. While terracotta clay is a classic material for planting, it can also be delicate to manage. Our plastic terracotta pots allow you to add terracotta to your space without any of the maintenance of real clay pots. 

We offer round Farnese terracotta pots in nine different sizes, ensuring you get exactly the size you need for your decor or display. For larger arrangements, we offer 23 1/2in Miramare terracotta window boxes. Fill any of these planters with real flowers and plants, or choose artificial blooms for a more permanent decoration with absolutely no maintenance required.

Square Plastic Pots

Square plastic pots and planters are a great option for adding greenery or florals to a modern, stylish space or event. We carry a collection of Tribeca gravity planters constructed using lightweight rotational mold plastic that's UV resistant for easy use indoors or outside with no maintenance. These planters feature a charcoal gray textured pattern and clean lines that will fit in perfectly with modern surroundings.

Our Tribeca planters are available in four different sizes and configurations, including our 31-inch gravity rectangle planter, the smaller 23-inch gravity rectangle planter, a 15-inch gravity cube planter, and the smallest 10-inch gravity cube planter. Each planter has a hole at the bottom with a plug, so you can use it for drainage as needed if you fill these planters with real plants.

Mix and Match Sizes

Most of our plastic pots and planters are available in different sizes so that you can find the perfect pot for your space. To create a dynamic display, try mixing together different sizes of the same pot with smaller and larger arrangements. For example, you could combine any of the four sizes of our Hyde Park grey cone pots to create one cohesive centerpiece.

Fill these pots with the same plants in varying sizes or with different but complementary plants for added visual interest. Our artificial succulents are a great option for creating unique arrangements that go together nicely to form a comprehensive set.

Buy Plastic Pots and Planters Online

Plastic pots and planters are a great option for creating no-fuss centerpieces and displays for any home or event. They offer unbeatable versatility and overall durability with virtually no maintenance, making them ideal for repeated or long-term use. Buy plastic pots and planters online through Jamali Garden for wholesale pricing on bulk orders and get the style and quantity of pots you need for less.