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Buy Floral Scissors Online

The tools you use play a significant part in how well freshly cut flowers thrive in a shop or during an event. Jamali Garden recognizes how critical a high-quality tool is to your work. When you shop with us, we offer a range of floral cutting tools online that help you get work done quickly and efficiently. 

Whether you have a specific color preference or are left-handed, we have tools for any and every floral need. You can buy these tools in bulk and save money. Browse our products and start saving today!

Variety of Floral Scissors for Sale

Scissors are a common household item, but the usual models aren't necessarily designed with floral use in mind. Floral scissors are a type of tool useful for your flower and gardening needs. We have various options, starting with your necessary all-purpose scissors. These are great for simple demands like cutting ribbon and clipping leaves. 

Our floral scissors have smaller blades, and that short length adds to their strength. You can use these floral industry scissors for small changes to the stems, like clipping buds and thin, leafy branches. These scissors are sharp enough to cut through fabrics like burlap, tulle, and weed barrier. Our floral scissors are treated with heat, keeping the blades intact for a long time. They make the perfect addition to a tool kit for florists and event planners.

Floral Shears

Floral shears are one of the best tools for heavy-duty cutting. The blades are made of carbon steel, which maintains the sharp edge from one project to the next. The tool is designed with short and thick blades, meaning it can handle challenging work. Whether you have thick stems or twigs that need trimming, floral shears handle the job without a problem. 

The blades are curved, making it easier for the object you're cutting to stay in place. The curved blades also produce a cleaner cut. Many of our floral shears offered online come with accommodating handles designed for long periods of work so you can keep up the pace without hand discomfort. Some of our pruner tools are similar in shape to floral shears and come with a finger ring attached to one handle for easy movement.

Additional Floral Accessories for Your Kit

Once you have your shears and scissors, consider adding other helpful tools and accessories to your kit. Jamali Garden has an infinite supply of equipment for every event or floral project. Use wire, foam, and glue guns to bring arrangements together beautifully. 

Other materials like ribbon, seashells, sea glass, and feathers add the perfect finishing touch to arrangements. You can buy these accessories in bulk so you never run out between projects.

Jamali Garden Has Everything Your Need for Your Floral Arrangements

Approach your next arrangement with confidence with Jamali Garden’s trusted floral tools. We carry various floral shears and long-handled floral scissors for your everyday needs. Whatever equipment you want, rely on Jamali Garden to provide it. Buy flower cutting scissors and shears online today!