Because of its lush bloom and versatility in design, the peony is a favorite in decorating for wedding or home décor. Make it a silk peony in one of the dozens of available colors at Jamali Garden and there’s no limit to what you can create!

The peony represents romance, prosperity, honor and compassion. Their generous and full petals make them a great single-bud option or the focal point in an arrangement of smaller accent flowers.

Considering these attributes, it’s no wonder this flower is in demand in the decorating realm. Here are some ideas that were shared with us recently for some on-trend decorating with peonies:

The peony is equally comfortable in casual burlap as it is in pearls in lace. When you’re using the peony, remember that minimal filler flowers are needed, since the bloom itself is so full. Combining peonies and roses is a visual delight — either in matching shades or contrasting colors, the effect is brilliant.

Take advantage of the wholesale buying options at Jamali Garden today! Brides often make a dramatic wall of flowers with silk peonies behind the sweetheart table. The wall is a perfect photo backdrop.

When you’re ready, browse all the color options for peony silk flowers at Jamali Garden. We offer numerous peony varieties that will be sure to fit your decorating needs!