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Buy Rustic Lanterns Wholesale

Rustic-themed weddings and events are charming for their simple and natural décor elements. Rustic lanterns are a perfect way to keep with the theme and further enhance your venue's atmosphere. They offer endless decorating possibilities, from actually lighting up the venue and providing a soft, romantic glow, to serving as a lovely table centerpiece. For wholesale rustic lanterns for weddings, shop the wide selection at Jamali Garden today!

Glass Jars to Light up Venues

The glass jar is a staple of the rustic theme. We have a few options for this vessel style to incorporate into your tablescape. The six-inch hanging glass jar, for instance, can hold a two-inch diameter candle. Use the jar to light up the mantelpiece, or suspend it from the ceiling for an all-around glow.

Beautiful Brass Lanterns for Sale

No finish fits the rustic theme quite like brass. Our brass lanterns have an aged finish to add to the classic appeal. Drop a deep tea light inside the five-inch square brass lantern to light up the venue and inspire guests. Filled with a bouquet of baby's breath or cream Pippa roses, these lanterns make the perfect table centerpiece. For a unique shape, try the kite lantern. It makes a fun planter when filled with polished mixed river gravel and the light green nertera berry succulent.

Metal Glass Lanterns

Metal lanterns with glass panels offer a contemporary twist on the rustic theme. Because their appearance is simple, they will work well with many design ideas. Our 18-inch square lantern can be filled with various sizes of pillar candles to light the aisleway or succulents like the string of pearls, barrow grass, and pachyphytum. For a table centerpiece, put a tea light in our oblong lantern, and surround the vessel with snippets of lavender garland.

Mesh and Patterned Lanterns

Many of the rustic lanterns at Jamali Garden have intricate mesh panels covering the glass. When a light is placed inside these vessels, it peeks out the openings, casting the pattern all around. These vessels are perfect for weddings and events with Indian or Moroccan design elements.

For a fun twist on the classic lantern, incorporate our colorful star lanterns into your decor. At three inches high, our red lanterns and yellow lanterns will add flair to your bar, table centerpiece, or among floral arrangements.

Buy Rustic Lanterns for Weddings in Bulk From Jamali Garden

Rustic lanterns are a necessity at any wedding or event with a down-to-earth decorating style, and you can buy rustic lanterns wholesale at Jamali Garden. With our wide selection, we are sure to have just what you need to create a memorable setting for you and your guests.

Add the quantities you need to your cart and place your order today. We have bulk options that allow you to get the quantities you require to decorate the entire venue at an affordable cost. Shop today!