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Buy Antique Lanterns Online

Rustic, antique, and vintage lanterns add flair and personality to decor elements in a home, business, or venue. Whether you want to enhance an interior space or prepare for a special occasion like a wedding, Jamali Garden offers a wide selection of antique lighting options. Save money when you shop lanterns in bulk.

Browse our antique lanterns online to see many shapes, colors, and sizes for all of your decorating needs. Our wholesale inventory includes round glass jarsrustic or shiny brass lanternsaged white containersmesh and patterned vessels, and more. Bring your ideas to life with the perfect lanterns creating stunning ambiances of a soft, warm glow. 

Wholesale Lanterns for Centerpieces

When you want to add a beautiful radiance to your space, wholesale lanterns for centerpieces make great displays. At Jamali Garden, we offer lighting decorations ranging from 2 3/4 inches to 16 inches. Placing a heritage oil lamp in the middle of a table provides one way to create a vintage atmosphere, with charming details like a polished brass base, a glass reservoir in a tear-drop shape, and a wick raiser knob.

Our selection of antique lanterns online includes round, square, and octagon shapes and accommodates your choice of natural or LED pillar candles in many sizes. With a unique geometric shape, our antique white lanterns come in 10-inch, 14-inch, and 20-inch sizes and have a patina for an aged finish. Glass panels with vintage framing make a dazzling statement piece in the center of dining spaces for your guests. 

Natural elements work well in rustic decorating themes. Our wood hurricane lanterns feature strips of wood curved in a bell-like shape with glass to protect the design from your beautiful candle flames. The 10 1/2-inch tall centerpiece includes a lined texture with a twisted rope handle to offer plenty of detail as centerpieces and look excellent with shining light. 

Hanging Bronze Lanterns for Weddings

As a versatile option, bronze lanterns come with shiny, matte, or patterned surfaces. Our rustic brass squares and rustic brass hexagons include a slightly aged finish with warm-toned metal and glass panels. A rounded handle allows hanging the lantern by branches or a venue ceiling for a mesmerizing look of floating light.

If you'd like an artistic and timeless statement piece, consider our 16-inch Jaipur patterned lantern with intricate details on all six sides of the hexagon base and alternating clear glass. When light flickers, it casts a beautiful luminescence through the embellished walls and ornate top. You can create a one-of-a-kind display by suspending these pieces in an entryway, hallway, or dining space.

Other designs, such as our rust 8-inch Ajmer lantern and 4-inch Mumtaz lantern, include square bases with patterned Bronze. The finishes include hue variations and look beautiful when casting radiance high in the air where you hang them. As another gorgeous square-base option, the 7 1/2-inch Alazhar lantern includes an antique finish with subtle iridescent and copper hues that go well with warm and cool color schemes when displayed at an event.

Shop Lanterns in Bulk from Jamali Garden

Whether you want to enhance your decor or prepare for a big occasion like a wedding, party, or holiday, Jamali Garden offers your lighting solutions. Pick from many antique and rustic designs. Order your wholesale lanterns today!


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