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Ceramic Urn Vases

Our ceramic urn vases are the perfect display for any bouquet. Whether you're planning the decorations for a baby shower, wedding, or another event, our semi-gloss urn vases will catch your guests' attention from across the room. Due to their classic shape and clean design features, you can add a touch of sophistication anywhere. 

Our vases come in different sizes and materials, allowing you to select a color that matches your venue's atmosphere and theme. We offer bulk buying options so you can get the ceramic urn vases you need to create a modern interior display or monochromatic centerpiece, the perfect staple for any wedding.

Ceramic Urn Vases Wholesale for Weddings

From table centerpieces to other interior decorations, our ceramic urn vases will make your bouquets come to life. Give guests an experience they'll treasure. These unique ceramic urn vases also add a contemporary element that combines sophistication and functionality. 

You can buy our ceramic urn vases wholesale for your upcoming wedding or event to ensure you have the right amount of urns for your decorating needs. When you select a larger quantity, you can easily fill your venue with our urns or scatter your vases on different tables and shelves.

Our wholesale buying option also gives you peace of mind. Fulfill all of your interior decorating needs and bring any venue to life with our vases, which will act as the perfect minimalistic vessel to hold any arrangement of flowers. 

A Variety of Sizes and Options

We understand that every event is unique. We want you to achieve your one-of-a-kind vision, so you can handpick the ceramic vase that will enhance the atmosphere of your event. We carry a wide assortment of versatile and high-quality vases, including an array of different textures with a semi-gloss finish. You can also opt for a clean, modern ceramic look by ordering our classic porcelain urn vase or choose a more decorative design with our 7- and 8-inch white ceramic urns.

Each of these vase options provides a unique element to any design, which can complement your other wedding's decorations while remaining minimalistic. Our different sizing options also ensure that you can find an urn that will make the most of any venue — modest or spacious. 

Short Ceramic Urns

Our short ceramic urns make an eye-catching and sophisticated centerpiece. Their contemporary designs are a great way to make any bouquet stand out while adding a special element to the venue as a whole. With our 5-inch urn options, you can create a striking monochromatic look that allows your bouquet to be the main focal point. 

You can also combine our short ceramic urns with other vases to create centerpieces that vary from table to table, giving each guest a unique design experience that displays modernism and elegance.

Tall Ceramic Urns

Whether you have a bare space beside an entrance or near a bookshelf, you can fill it with our tall ceramic vases, adding another contemporary design element to your wedding, event or interior. Since our tall urn options include heights of 7 inches, 9 inches, and 10 inches, you can handpick a size that suits your venue and needs. 

These taller vases are also ideal for creating a bouquet of greenery to complement your floral bouquets or for holding a spray of baby's breath or wildflowers.

Order an Urn Today for a Sophisticated Touch

No matter what event you're planning, our ceramic urn vases will help you make the most of it. The sophisticated design and semi-gloss finish of our vases will add an eye-catching element that enhances your venue's theme and gives your guests an unforgettable experience. Our urn vases are a crucial part of any event. Our wholesale buying options make it easy to get the amount you need to make your event shine. Order your ceramic urn vases wholesale from Jamali Garden today.