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    Viburnum Berry Spray
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Artificial Hydrangea Flowers Wholesale

There is something so special about the variety of colors and shapes of the hydrangea flower. All this variety makes the hydrangea one of the most versatile choices for wedding flowers, bouquets, and centerpieces. For all these applications and more, Jamali Garden has a silk hydrangea right for you!

We carry more than fourteen colors and color combinations of artificial hydrangea flowers. From blue — the most common hydrangea color — to antique pinks and purples, we’ve got it all. We have all the popular colors like white, cream, green, and lavender hydrangeas. Jamali Garden also has unique combinations of colors, including lavender/green and pink/green, to ensure that you can find the perfect color combination for your floral décor needs.

The size and beauty of hydrangeas make them a perfect flower for weddings, events, and floral arrangements for your interior design projects. Here are some ways to use your favorite color and style of hydrangeas from Jamali Garden:

  • - Hydrangea Heart: Wrap hydrangea stems around a wire heart-shaped wreath, and then attach painted wooden cutouts of the couple’s initials to create a pretty monogrammed accent piece for a wedding. For storefronts and events, instead of adding initials you can attach a pretty coordinating ribbon as a hanger, and then hang the hydrangea heart from a window.
  • - Floating Hydrangea Globes: Choose multiple-sized Styrofoam balls to attach hydrangea blooms. Cut the wire stem and stick them into the Styrofoam, covering the entire ball. These can be hung from the back of chairs, strung from the ceiling, or even incorporated into a retail window display –use clear nylon string as a hanger to give the illusion the globes are floating.
  • - Lighted Hydrangea Mason Jars: For evening events, give your tables a pretty glow by filling a mason jar with battery-operated LED string lights. Then stick a few hydrangea stems in the jar to make it a simple yet stunning centerpiece that guests won’t forget.

High-Quality Faux Hydrangeas at Wholesale Prices

No matter where your particular design sensibilities might take you, the high-quality, realistic-looking silk hydrangeas at Jamali Garden are perfect for your next project. The only limit is your imagination!

Check out our selection to see all the colors available or inspire your next hydrangea design.