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  1. 20in Cream Single Hydrangea Spray
    20in Cream Single Hydrangea Spray
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  2. 21in Small Cream Hydrangea Bush
    21in Small Cream Hydrangea Bush
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  3. White Hydrangea Bouquet
    White Hydrangea Bouquet
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  4. Viburnum Berry Spray
    Viburnum Berry Spray
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29 Items

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Buy Wholesale Silk Hydrangeas

Jamali Garden offers various artificial hydrangea stems for your decorative arrangements. Displaying a single stem or gathering several flowers in a bundle or bouquet is a versatile way to decorate. A cohesive hue of petals or mixing and matching different pigmentations allows you to suit any color scheme in a venue, business, or home.

Our wholesale silk hydrangeas provide you with varied size options. They range from a 14-inch white 3-stem bouquet to a 47-inch blooming snowball branch display. You can bend or trim stems on any of our sprays to achieve the desired height of your florals and customize your designs. 

We offer hydrangeas in the form of rectangle flower blocks in 27-inch lengths, which you can style individually or group in several quantities together. They make stunning backdrops and wall panels at celebrations. You will even save money on your designs when you buy faux hydrangeas in bulk. 

High-Quality Artificial Hydrangea Stems

Vibrant greenery on artificial hydrangea stems makes the plants realistic. Our Jamali Garden assortment includes smooth stem options for a flawless look. We also offer hue variations from green to brown with knobbed textures to emulate authentic branches. 

Veins in the leaves with edges on the sides offer intricate detail. Our unique hydrangeas include anywhere from zero to several leaves, depending on your selected option and desired look. Each flower looks lush with gatherings of rounded petals as the focal point for high-quality, beautiful displays.

We carry more than 14 hydrangea colors, including pure shades and unique combinations. At Jamali Garden, our wholesale inventory includes popular shades of cream, white, lavender, and green — as well as mixtures of pink and green or purple and green to ensure you can style any desired arrangement. Adding silk peoniesrose sprays, and other wholesale silk flowers allow for beautiful, eye-catching variation. 

Silk Hydrangea Stems in Bulk for Weddings and Events

At Jamali Garden, artificial hydrangea stems allow you to prepare bouquets and centerpieces several months before weddings and events. Gorgeous faux stems require no maintenance with watering or upkeep, making them an excellent choice for coordinators who like to perfect the details before a big occasion. Silk maintains the same flawless appearance over time, allowing a bride to treasure a floral keepsake forever. 

Select the white hydrangea sprays to match any modern, vintage, or chic style in a neutral color scheme. Gather them together in traditional or unique vases as a decor staple on tables in dining areas, foyers, and more. If you're looking for another option, hydrangeas look wonderful inside sitting and hanging lanterns at weddings and events. 

Buy Silk Hydrangeas in Bulk from Jamali Garden 

Create any floral arrangement you love with the use of artificial hydrangea stems. Jamali Garden's wide selection offers many colors and sizes with realistic, gorgeous designs. Save money when you buy wholesale quantities to suit any classic, elegant, or modern style.

Browse the complete collection of hydrangeas or view all Jamali Garden flowers to get inspired.