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Fall and Halloween Decor

The autumn and early winter months are the perfect opportunities to gather for weddings, seasonal celebrations, holidays, festivals, birthdays, school parties, and other get-togethers. Everyone’s social calendar tends to fill up fast in the fall.

Determining how to decorate any space, including private businesses and homes, is easy during this wonderful time of year with a little help from Jamali Garden. Our fall and Halloween decor items span the gamut from whimsical and eye-catching to opulent and sophisticated. Our wide selection means you can add all the finishing touches you need to create the ideal atmosphere and "wow" guests at any event. Check out these 10 must-have vases for the fall season and holidays.

What Will You Find in Our Fall and Halloween Collection?

As the industry’s finest supplier of seasonal holiday decor, Jamali Garden has amassed a treasure trove of products for your consideration. Take a look at a few of our bestselling fall and Halloween choices.

Browse Nature-Inspired Items

Sprays, branches, grasses, and vines — you’ll find them all and more at Jamali Garden. Discover a bounty of nature-inspired pieces for your displays. All of our nature-inspired items come in autumn’s rich palette to keep the theme of the season. Whether you’re decorating with creams, golds, and greens or you’re leaning more toward rich purples, berry, and orange tones, you’ll find nature-inspired garlands, leaves, and everything in between when you shop with us.

Browse Spooky and Silly Creatures

What would a Halloween event be without a bit of spooky or silly fun? As you browse our full fall and Halloween collection of available items, you may get inspired to add a few trick-or-treat elements to your space. Maybe you’ll want to hang one of our flying owls from the ceiling to surprise guests when they walk into your wedding masquerade. Perhaps you’d prefer to hand out spooky silhouette ornaments as favors for all event attendees. Getting clever and creative couldn’t be easier than with Jamali Garden.

Fresh and Fragrant Furnishings

Nothing says autumn like the cozy aroma of cinnamon. That’s why we’ve included cinnamon sticks in our fall and Halloween selection lineup. You’ll find plenty of uses for cinnamon sticks as the centerpiece of a display or an accompaniment that adds another layer to your thoughtfully designed decorations. 

Innovating With Fall and Halloween Decor

If you’re not sure how you’ll use our exquisitely crafted decor at your next pumpkin patch party or "haunted" house celebration, consider some of these tips:

  • Pick themes to get started: In addition to your overarching theme of fall or Halloween, think about having a secondary theme or two. These themes could be anything from “glittery diamonds” to “gold and pumpkin accents.” Having a couple of themes that you'll love will help you choose the right pieces for any event.
  • Remember the levels of your event space: Every event space has a wide variety of levels you can decorate. This space allows you to make use of different areas and appeal to everyone from the costumed child sitting on the floor to the wedding diners seated around a table. A well-considered and well-decorated space uses all the available levels in some way, right down to window sills and floor vases.
  • Look through other collections: At Jamali Garden, our fall and Halloween decor provide you with so many selections! However, you may also find inspiration in other collections. Check out our other collections to find complementary items for our fall and Halloween pieces. This variety allows you to design a truly unique event.


Buy Fall and Halloween Decor From Jamali Garden

Whether you’re in the mood for fabric whites and milky owls or petite gourds and die-cut ornaments, Jamali Garden has so many options. Add your wholesale-priced finds into your shopping cart and order with ease and convenience. 

Don’t forget to connect with us on your favorite social media channel and upload pictures of how you’ve used your fall and Halloween items! 


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