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  1. 12in Malacca Water Hyacinth Basket
    12in Malacca Water Hyacinth Basket
    Regular Price $22.00 Sale $16.99
  2. 32 ½in Dai Acacia Wood Planter Box
    32 ½in Dai Acacia Wood Planter Box
    Regular Price $180.00 Sale $170.00
  3. 12in Vuong Acacia Wood Planter
    12in Vuong Acacia Wood Planter
    Regular Price $65.00 Sale $55.00
  4. 4 ½in Paulownia Wood Pot, Set of 2
    4 ½in Paulownia Wood Pot, Set of 2
    Regular Price $16.00 Sale $9.99
  5. Hanging Paulownia Wood Bowl
    Hanging Paulownia Wood Bowl
    Regular Price $22.00 Sale $14.99

27 Items

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Buy Wooden Planters Online

Whether you want to decorate your home or create a centerpiece for an event, a wooden planter box is a great option to bring a little nature into your design. Wood offers rich textures and patterns for unique and visually interesting pots perfect for any space. Because they're made of natural wood, no two pots will look exactly alike.

We've curated a collection of wood planters in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to ensure you can always find the perfect pot for your needs. Our pots are made from materials like hyacinth, Kiri wood, cedar, and paulownia. You can mix and match wood pots & wooden planter boxes of different shapes and sizes or combine them with other materials like stone pots for an even more interesting display. 

Paulownia Wood Pots

Paulownia trees are some of the fastest-growing trees in the world, and they produce beautiful wood that is lightweight and durable. Because they grow so quickly, they are a relatively sustainable source of wood for all kinds of products, especially wooden pots. Paulownia wood pots are light for easy transportation and strong enough to withstand the bumps and bruises of travel, making them ideal for event planners who wish to reuse them.

These pots feature gorgeous warm-tone, wood-grain patterns sanded smooth to eliminate splinters. Mix and match our different sizes and shapes of paulownia pots to create a dynamic display for any event, or decorate up high with our hanging paulownia wood bowl for a top-to-bottom aesthetic.

Add Natural Elements to Any Event

For many events, bringing in elements from nature can help to create the ethereal, natural beauty that you're hoping to cultivate for guests. These elements are particularly popular with garden parties, bohemian, rustic, and natural-themed events. Wooden pots and planters filled with greenery or flowers are the perfect decor items to add a romantic touch of nature to your celebration. 

Stick with more rustic-looking planters like our natural cedar window boxes for a simple centerpiece filled with wildflowers, or combine natural and modern aesthetics with our 4 1/2in paulownia wood pot paired with some brightly colored artificial orchids. 

Create Rustic Decor With Aged Wood Planters

Though most wedding trends come and go, rustic barn weddings still remain popular. Barns offer high ceilings, open space, and infinite possibilities to create whatever aesthetic atmosphere you want for your wedding, including natural details like aged wood and loads of greenery.

For these events, wood planters are a great option to bring in more flowers or greenery to design a romantic garden-feel and add extra elements of shabby-chic. Aged wood planters like our pine wood cube vases are the perfect accent for small areas or to build beautiful centerpieces. For a much larger planter, consider our natural cedar wood square planters. They're made from No. 1 grade lumber and last 7 times longer than pine, excellent for creating a beautiful finish.

Find Wholesale Wood Planters Online

Jamali Garden is the premier supplier of wholesale planter pots online. We keep a large inventory of a variety of products to be sure we have what you want in the quantities you need. When you buy wood planters wholesale from us, we ship quickly to make sure you have your items as soon as possible. Shop online today to find great decor options for your next event.