Lighting Ideas for Weddings

Flickering candlelight produces a soft, warm glow for a dazzling ambiance at weddings and celebrations. Jamali Garden offers the largest selection of wholesale lighting options online. Bring your visions to life with many unique shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Check out our guide on Decorating with Candles for a Wedding for ideas!

Whether you create a stunning centerpiece or want to sprinkle shimmering lights throughout tables, our inventory includes options to suit any style and theme you envision. Select from votives and tea lightstall wholesale candelabraspillar candle holderstaper candlestick holders, and more. Buying in larger quantities allows you to decorate cost-effectively. 

When to Use LED Candles for Events

Many venues and rental spaces include safety and fire regulations. Artificial LED candles offer an excellent solution if you aren't allowed to use open flames or want to use another lighting method. Jamali Garden offers tea light, pillar, and taper candles with some designs including natural wax and flicking or moving lights for a realistic look and feel.

The faux flames don't blow out in windy settings, offering long-lasting use with peace of mind at events. We offer a traditional warm glow and colorful FloraLyte packs as a creative option for using clear, multi, orange, purple, pink, teal, green, amber, blue, and red lighting. You can clip or hang them on decorations and submerge them in water as a statement decor piece. 

Lanterns for Weddings and Occasions

Lanterns offer versatile lighting ideas for weddings. Jamali Garden offers a selection of antique, modern, rustic, elegant, Indian, and Moroccan styles to suit any theme. Choose from many colors and sizes to find your perfect standing or hanging lighting. 

If you'd like to add a touch of glamor, our gold lanterns and silver lanterns make luxurious centerpieces at tables. Enclosed doors with hinges or open tops offer versatile ways to insert pillar candles. Light bounces off the clear glass panels, creating radiance with a dancing effect.

Other Table Display Lighting Options

Jamali Garden offers many accent pieces, such as votives and tea lights to sprinkle throughout table displays. Our wholesale votives for weddings come in clear, mercury glass, colored, metallic, and other styles to suit any desired color scheme. Select from unique shapes and designs to create one-of-a-kind table arrangements with a brilliant shine.

Other options such as pillar candle holders and taper candlestick holders look lovely and add romantic lighting in dining spaces. We offer different heights to allow variation when displayed together in your decorations. For grand statement pieces, our wholesale taper candelabras in nickel, crystal, or gold reach up to 68 inches in height and fill a dining area with up to 21 glowing lights to impress guests.

Buy Wholesale Candle Holders

Whether you want simple or intricate lighting, Jamali Garden offers every candle holder you need for your decorations. Browse our wide selection and pick your favorite designs to match perfectly with your preferred color scheme, style, and theme. Buying in bulk allows you to save money.

Jamali Garden offers many ways to enhance your interior space or prepare for a big occasion like a wedding. Pick out other types of lighting, like holiday string lights, and other necessities, such as batteries and lamp products. Place your order today!