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Wholesale Decorative Branches

Jamali Garden's collection of wood, leaf, and branch accents are a fabulous addition to indoor and outdoor decor at any time of year. Find decor that will pair well with whatever theme you've created!

Browse our selection of silk flowers and plants or other preserved pieces of nature. Our wide inventory makes us the perfect place for your wedding and large event shopping needs. Order our wholesale supplies in bulk and use them to dress up invitations, party favors, and venues and create an ambiance that makes for an unforgettable night.

Branches and Bundles

We have many kinds of branches that will fit the aesthetic you've pictured for your event, including holiday get-togethers. Our snowy berry branches paired with white pinecones are an easy way to craft a White Christmas theme without leaving the warmth of your home. You can even add a bundle of firewood for an extra cozy feel.

For other times of the year, Hogla Sticks are an eye-catching natural and modern centerpiece, excellent for use in window displays and other decorative projects. For an especially rustic look, birch branches add a two-tone layer to your decor that looks beautiful at outdoor events. You can pair branches with our birch bark sheets to decorate your entire venue with this beautiful hardwood.

Tree Trunks

You can also use tree trunks to elevate your tablescapes with flair. Our display trunks come from Paulownia trees, which have light, strong, and warp-resistant wood. Paulownia is the perfect wood to combine with preserved moss for decorations or to serve as a stool for the garden gnomes in your collection. Jamali Garden stocks these trunks in several different heights, including 5, 7, 9, and 12 inches. 

If your venue or decorative vision calls for smaller wood pieces, try grouping together preserved teak balls as a simple decor element. Jamali Garden also supplies creeping wicker balls, a stylish way to present that gorgeous wood color wherever you want it.

Leaves and Pinecones

Sprinkle preserved transparent yellow oak leaves around your fall decorations and large arrangements for added authenticity. For a scent boost, Jamali Garden can provide you with short and long cinnamon sticks as well. These aromatic accents are a beautiful complement to any fall-related event and will leave you and your guests craving warm apple cider.

Base your decorations on our pale eucalyptus branches and French lavender bunches for a calming presence at your wedding. These plants are known for their relaxing properties, perfect for helping the big day move along smoothly. Even breathing in their peaceful fragrance can help relieve tension.

Decorate With Jamali Garden

Jamali Garden is the premier choice for supplying wholesale garden decor and wedding supplies. We're here to provide you with the natural decor you need to turn your home or venue into the classy event everyone will be talking about. Visit our contact page and reach out today for more information on our bulk wholesale options or other products.