Hanging bud vases will establish a distinctive display for any ceremony or event backdrop. Jamali Garden’s collection of bud vases are available in forms such as hanging, tube, crystal, square glass, glass bottle, antique silver, mercury glass, teardrop, glass urn, rolling glass, amber, and frosted glass. Decorate the setting with our unique bud vases and group several in a charming array. Make a powerful centerpiece statement by grouping together medicine bottle bud vases with a flower in each. Give a simple floral accent or event centerpiece a vintage spark with mercury glass bottle vases. Try a fresh, whimsical look with your home, wedding, or event decor by throwing a white flower in a glass lightbulb vase. An etched glass bottle vase is a grand idea for displaying classic elegance, try different flowers to give an effortless look to a warm accent or as part of a table centerpiece. Guests will be dazzled by the delicate swirled glass patterns on ball and round glass bud vases.