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Use Our Artificial Grass for Every Occasion

Our selection of silk plants and grass accents suit every occasion, from home wall decor and anniversary parties to birthday celebrations and baby showers. No matter the size of your venue, you can integrate our organic designs into your space. We offer mats that fully cover the floor and large-scale fence designs that can function as a lush backdrop for photos or act as an accent wall.

Each of our designs features lifelike grass in different hues of green that will impress guests, whether they're standing far away or up close. Try creating a greenery wall as a perfect backdrop for photos. These mats and accents are stunning features that guests will gravitate toward!

Mixed Leaf and Grass Texture Mats

Trust our wide range of different mixed-grass textures to make your venue truly feel like the great outdoors. Each of our products matches a specific aesthetic or creates a unique atmosphere, making our designs versatile for any celebration.

Our tropical fern mat adds an airy, light element to any spring wedding or outdoor oasis. Our mixed fern mat can fulfill your romantic display needs when paired with roses or daisies, ideal for weddings and anniversaries. We also offer mats with other colorful design elements, such as our striking purple boxwood mat that features a subtle hint of color or our variegated long boxwood mat, which utilizes stunning yellows and shades of green.

High-Quality Flocked Moss Mats

Our artificial grass mats are a great way to transport your guests into another world. With our large dimensions and one-of-a-kind design features that mimic nature's true beauty, you'll have the freedom to use your natural large moss mat any way you see fit.

Whether you turn a flocked moss mat into a runner for your guests' tables or a rug underneath your venue's seating, this mat's striking color and texture will bring your event to life. We also carry high-quality green faux moss mats containing variations in texture and moss height for an exceptionally realistic appearance. Pair this piece with silk flowers or succulents for an arrangement that's entirely your own. 

Unique Grass Designs 

If you want to capture your guests' attention from the moment they arrive at your venue, we also offer unique grass designs, such as our set of wicker and grass balls. You can display these circular accents in a variety of ways, whether you can add a ribbon and hang them from the ceiling or showcase them on the ground with a marble urn or a glass vase. In addition to these accents, we carry artificial barrow grass bushes that you can display with succulents or faux flowers. You can also use our natural light pampas grass to add an elegant organic texture to your centerpieces.

Order Your Artificial Grass Wholesale Today

Jamali Garden is the premier provider of exceptionally crafted and thoughtfully designed interior decorations, perfect for bringing your vision to life. We offer an array of silk plants and grass designs to transform your venue into a whimsical woodland forest or a bright, springtime space. Explore our wide product selection to find the products you need to elevate your interior decor and create a cohesive space. You can buy your artificial grass wholesale with our bulk-buying option to get the quantities you need at great prices.