Why Buy Silk Flowers Online?

Artificial blossoms are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles not found in nature. This variety is particularly convenient if you have your heart set on offseason flowers, like incorporating peonies at your winter event or cherry blossoms in the fall. Buying silk flowers online for your events is hands-down a great investment. Here's why:

1. Artificial Silk Flowers Are Affordable

With most couples spending between $700 and $2,500 on wedding flowers, real blooms are a significant wedding expense. The good news is that when you buy silk flowers wholesale, you can save a lot of money! Silks are the economical choice to plan your dream wedding and stretch your budget even further on your big day.

2. You Can Buy in Bulk for Large Events

Decorating your dining room table for a birthday party is one thing — decorating 20 tables for an elaborate wedding is another! Planning for large-scale events and celebrations means you need larger quantities of consistent products. We've got you covered with bulk flowers and bouquets at wholesale discount pricing.

3. You Can Order and Assemble Silk Flowers Any Time of Year

Due to the short lifespan of real flowers, you must order and arrange them in a tiny time frame. Many real flowers must be ordered in season, limiting your style options based on planting schedules. Unlike their real counterparts, silk flowers are never "out of season" — you can order them at any time of year! Instead of a rushed assembly of real flowers right before an event, you can buy faux flowers online months in advance to take your time crafting the arrangements for a truly stress-free experience.

4. Faux Flowers Are More Durable

Artificial flowers are far more sturdy than real blooms by design. Faux blossoms won't wilt, turn brown or drop petals by the end of your event. Plan your outdoor wedding with confidence knowing that artificial flowers can stand up to the sun, wind, heat, cold, and unpredictable weather conditions that normally destroy real floral arrangements.

5. You Can Repurpose Artificial Flowers

After a couple spends tons of money on real wedding flowers, they often go to waste after the celebration. Sure, you could gift centerpieces to family members or donate to a nursing home, but ultimately they'll wither away in a short amount of time. Alternatively, faux flowers are the gift that keeps on giving! Use arrangements as home decor, gifts, and keepsakes. You can even take apart the arrangements to use for different events, or craft wreaths and other decorative items.

6. Silk Flowers Are Allergen-Free

For guests with allergies, pollen and scents from real flowers can pose a real problem. Nobody wants itchy red eyes in their wedding photos. Artificial flowers offer all the beauty of real blossoms without sneezing or discomfort, so you can keep those tissues for happy wedding tears only. Faux flowers allow you to enjoy your celebration without any worries.

Buy Wholesale Silk Flowers and Plants Online for Weddings and More

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