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Floral Glue, Pins & More for Sale

Creating your floral arrangement is easy with the right tools. Thankfully, Jamali Garden has considered florist shop and event needs. We have a full inventory of floral equipment you need to get projects done right. Floral glue is one of the best tools you can use to bring arrangements together without a noticeable binding material, such as wire or rope.

Floral pins are another great item for positioning flowers in containers to follow the vision you have in mind. Jamali Garden offers these two tools and more so your floral designs can reach new heights.

Purchase Wholesale Floral Glue

Many florists use ribbon, pins, and wire to bring their arrangements and crafts together nicely. These items are great for centerpieces and bouquets, but they aren’t so useful for a flower wall or boutonnières. Projects that are smaller or require the flower and not the stem tend to look better with undetectable adhesives. That’s why we have hot glue and floral glue.

Hot glue is a classic adhesive that many people rely on for construction projects and crafts. Glue guns are great for bringing ribbon together and attaching pins to the back of boutonnières. Floral glue is another solution that many florists prefer if flowers must have direct contact with an adhesive. Floral glue is flower-friendly and keeps your hard work together. Jamali Garden has floral glue for sale along with a wide range of other supplies.

Wholesale Floral Pins for Sale

If you are preparing to create beautiful centerpieces, floral pin frogs are an excellent tool for keeping your flowers where you want them. Every flower has its unique place in a full centerpiece. Different blooms and their colors contrast with each other, so it's important for them to stay in place. Pin frogs consist of gold pins that stick up from a base that keeps them from loosening.

Position the pin frog at the bottom of a bowl or vase. Then, stick each flower stem into a pin. Cut the stems at different lengths to create a rounded presentation and to give the arrangement depth. If you have a uniquely shaped flower vessel, that’s no problem! Pin frogs come in various shapes, such as circles and rectangles. Sizes also range from 1-inch circles to 4-inch circles.

Other Floral Accessories for Your Kit

Floral pin frogs and glue are just a couple of the tools you can keep in your floral kit. Jamali Garden also has a steady supply of flower-friendly paints, water-storing beads, and twine for all your bouquet and floral craft needs. 

Use sheet moss and moss balls to bring an earthiness to forest-themed events, and cover greenery in a shine spray to add a lively appearance. Whatever you need, trust Jamali Garden to have the inventory you can count on.

Buy Floral Glue and Pins Online With Jamali Garden

Jamali Garden is florists’ top choice for essential tools and supplies for floral bouquets, centerpieces, and other decor. Trust us for both small and bulk orders. Many of our products also come at wholesale prices so you can save money while creating sophisticated arrangements for all your upcoming events. Explore our products for inspiration and place your order today.