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Artificial Tropical Flowers for Any Occasion

Whether it’s a beach wedding, a summer event, or you’re creating a backyard tropical paradise, Jamali Garden’s selection of artificial tropical flowers are the way to go. Tropical flowers can add a fun and refreshing vibe to any occasion.


Using Silk Tropical Flowers in Wedding Decor

With Tropical Weddings being a top-trending wedding theme, there’s no shortage of decorating ideas for using these amazing and exotic flowers. Here’s a peek at what some brides are planning:

  • - A bouquet for a Maui destination wedding was centered around three Red Gloriosa Lily Sprays accented with tropical greenery. Simply a showstopper!
  • - A Barbados bride carried a bouquet of vibrant colors in her breathtaking arrangement of Red Ginger Sprays.
  • - A tablescape of fresh pineapples and silk Frangipani sprays with scattered seashells offered a memorable tropics-meets-the-sea theme.
  • - The bridal party table at an island theme wedding was decorated with a starfish garland draped at the front and Red Anthurium Spray at the edge of the table. Then, the whole thing was dotted with votive candles.

Adding silk tropical flowers to your wedding cake is easy with silks. You can make a tropical cake topper or spiral the blooms around the layers. Or, consider beach sand-filled cylinder vases with impressive Red Ginger Spray sprouting from the sand — it’s serene yet eye-catching against the backdrop of crashing waves on the beach.

Because of the dramatic and clean lines of tropical flowers, they can be combined well with other non-tropical flowers, succulents and even tropical fruits.


Flower Decor for Tropical Parties

Maybe you just want to have a tropical theme pool party this summer. The tropical silks at Jamali Garden have you covered. Your guests will feel like they’re at an authentic Hawaiian luau! Here are some ideas:

  • - A fresh pineapple makes a perfect vase for tropical floral silks. Just hollow out the pineapple enough to fit a short drinking glass and add your blooms.
  • - Decorate your tiki torches with a tropical stem.
  • - You can make floral headbands for your lady guests.
  • - Float some smaller tropical flowers by cutting and leaving a one-inch stem to put through a circle of bubble wrap. Fill some shallow glass bowls with water and drop the floating flowers in for an easy and elegant centerpiece.

Let your imagination take you to the tropics — then, take your ideas to Jamali Garden for the most lifelike tropical silk flowers anywhere!