Jamali Garden’s wide collection of many colored vases includes mercury glass, antique silver, platinum, nickel & chrome, mosaic glass, amber, and several other choices of alluring tones. The shapes of our color glass vases include bud vases, square vases, cylinder vases, fishbowl vases, cube vases, trumpet vases, vessels, pedestal bowls, and urns. Jamali’s elaborate selection of colored glass vases can provide vibrant accents to any event or colorfully themed wedding. Our colored vases are perfect for couples looking to give a vivid look to their wedding proceedings. Highlight the vibrant colors of your flowers with a white glass cylinder vase. An heirloom piece with a vintage mercury glass feel is a great selection for a smaller wedding or event table floral centerpiece. Platinum pedestal vases are a brilliant accent piece for a restaurant, bar, or the table display in a hotel lobby. Use gold glass cubes as a base for a luxe flower arrangement.