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  1. 5 x 5in Antique Black Glass Vase
    5 x 5in Antique Black Glass Vase


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Colored Glass Vases

Colored glass vases are the perfect way to bring personality, taste, and a bit of panache to your wedding or home décor. The use of color makes a dynamic statement. So, whether a colored glass vase is the focal point of your centerpieces or it’s adding a subtle pop of color to your overall style scheme, you can count on these pieces to make an impact. At Jamali Garden, we carry a wide collection of colored glass vases to choose from. 

Our selections come in a variety of hues, from traditional silver, platinum, nickel, and chrome to colors designed to wow, such as amber, blue, black, white, mosaic glass, and other alluring tones. We’re sure to have something you’ll love in our extensive inventory. 

Vibrant Colored Vases in an Array of Styles

You can shop for vases at a variety of different stores, but you won’t find a collection as diverse and lovely as the selection of colored glass vases available at Jamali Garden. These vessels come in every shape and size, including stately cylinder vases, modern-inspired square and cube vases, traditional trumpet vases, charming bud and fishbowl vases, and even cheerful hanging vases. The possibilities are nearly endless! Plus, you can buy all our colored glass vases in bulk so that you can save on the quantities you need to create inspired event décor. 

Vintage-Inspired Colored Glass Vases

For vintage-inspired weddings or home décor with an old-world feel, we’ve got an array of antiqued colored glass vases to choose from. For example, our antique silver mercury glass pedestal vase is a lovely way to display short floral arrangements. You can buy them in bulk to create elegant centerpieces for a wedding reception or use a single vase as an accent for your bookshelf. Want something in a more vibrant shade? Get inspired by our blue medicine bottle bud vases. These resemble the shapely vintage bottles of yesteryear and will look lovely paired with your favorite stems. 

Traditional and Glamorous Colored Glass Vases

If you want to give your traditional wedding a vivid and vibrant look, try adding some glamorous colored glass vases. Highlight the vibrant hues of your floral arrangements with our pewter and rust ombre vases. Or, give your centerpiece a luxe appeal with our diamond-cut dark amber glass vases or our ombre gold fluted bud vase.  

Contemporary and Modern Style Colored Glass Vases

For events, weddings, and homes with a more contemporary aesthetic, you’ll love the clean, geometric lines and bold color palettes that many of our colored vases feature. Our striking black glass cylinder vases will look lovely displaying a bright white bouquet. Or, choose our bevel edge amber square vase as a brilliant accent piece for your restaurant or hotel lobby. 

Buy Colored Glass Vases Online Wholesale From Jamali Garden

Whether shopping for wedding décor or searching for that perfect accent for your home or office, Jamali Garden is the industry’s finest supplier of unique and vibrant wholesale décor. Buy your colored vases in bulk to get the quantities you need to provide brilliant accents to any setting today.