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  1. 5 1/2in Antique Brown Glass Candlestick
    5 1/2in Antique Brown Glass Candlestick


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  2. classic wedding nickel candlesticks
    17in Nickel Candlestick


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  3. nickel candlesticks
    12in Nickel Candlestick


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  4. candlestick tray table centerpiece
    5 Lights Raw Nickel Candle Stand


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  5. Gold Glass Candlesticks
    Gold Glass Candlesticks


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30 Items

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Wholesale Candlestick Holders

Are you responsible for planning the perfect event, organizing a wedding, adorning a reception, or decorating centerpieces and floral arrangements? Candles are the shining stars of any arrangement. Bring out the beauty of your next event by selecting the perfect candlesticks from our vast inventory.

With gold, crystal, porcelain, nickel, and brass taper candle holders, Jamali Garden carries a wide variety of décor to bring your vision to life. Bring classic elegance, modern vibes, or a rustic style to your upcoming weddings and event tables. Our unique selection of wholesale candlestick holders will illuminate your favorite design decor elements in your venue.

Decor Ideas for Wholesale Candlestick Holders

Candlestick holders are the best way to add an air of soft candlelight to your event. Illuminate your floral arrangements by placing a few throughout your display.

For an understated, minimal appearance that’s still sleek and stylish, try our long faceted stem crystal candlesticks or our low, wide square crystal candle holders. Our crystal taper holders are simple, but they offer the diamond-like, refracted glow of multi-faceted surfaces.

Nickel Candlestick Holders in Bulk

For a deep, gothic theme or a sleek modern feel, use our black nickel candlesticks to accent your candles. Our antique brass candlesticks are simple and rich, while our antique silver glass offer yet another different color option for an authentic, aged feel.

Set these wholesale candlesticks on their own in the center of your tables or cluster them together for a bold candle-lit display. No matter where you choose to place these holders, they will capture the attention of your guests.

Buy Wholesale Gold Candlesticks

For a special sheen, try our gold candlesticks — their elegant shapes accent their golden tone. If you'd like additional options, check out our other gold candlesticks in additional size variations, such as the 4 1/2 inch variation or 7-inch size. These beauties can make its own stand-alone statement as a centerpiece, or you can surround it with greenery, flowers, and other natural elements.

Why Buy Wholesale Candlestick Holders?

When you buy our wholesale candlestick holders, you gain the following benefits:

  • Save Money: Event planning often requires a large quantity of a variety of items — from candles to candleholders and everything in between. We sell our products to you wholesale because it lowers the cost per piece and increases the potential of your budget.
  • Wide Selection: We offer thousands of items from all over the world. When it comes to our wholesale candlestick holders, you'll be able to choose from dozens of uniquely crafted styles. No matter what your event theme is, we can guarantee you'll find the perfect holders to turn your vision into reality.
  • Quality and Style: From handcrafted candles to expertly designed candlesticks, our inventory consists solely of top quality products.
  • Ready to Ship: Our mission is to bring you what you need when you need it. If you're ordering any decor element last minute, you can trust that your order will be in stock and at your doorstep in on time at all.

Bring your event to life and shop our wholesale candlestick holder collection at Jamali Garden today.