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Decorative Buddhas

Shop Jamali Garden's selection of Buddha sculptures and add a perfect zen-like accent to your decor. Our Buddhas are an ideal addition to any end or side table. We're the industry's finest source for floral supplies and home decor today!

Meditation Buddha

Jamali Garden's meditation Buddha will bring a sense of inner peace wherever displayed. Our meditation Buddha is carefully carved from natural teak wood and are a perfect accent piece for side tables, an entry, or a store window display. Each Buddha is unique and will vary in size and color, so you can be sure you have a distinctive piece.

Our Buddha statue is perfect as a stand-alone decoration or as a complement to a vase of flowers. You could use our Paulownia wood bottle vase with a cherry blossom spray to make a floral arrangement to place near your Buddha statue. The two wood tones will create a peaceful, earthy feel, and you can change the flowers with the seasons.

Relaxed Buddha

Nothing quite says zen-like our relaxed Buddha. To add a natural accent to a side table or in a window display, place one of our Buddhas in any room for an instant feeling of calm.

Jamali Garden's Buddha can stand alone as a decoration or with other materials to create a sense of peace. If you want to create a focal point for your room, you can place our antique silver diamond votive holders around the Buddha statue. The warm glow of the candles will highlight the intricate details of the figure, such as the carved folds of fabric. Each of our Buddhas is unique, varying in size and shape for a one-of-a-kind statue. 

Sitting Buddhas

Made of genuine teak wood, each hand-carved sitting Buddha from Jamali Garden is unique. The teakwood's natural coloring highlights each piece's craftsmanship and showcases smaller details, such as the carved folds in each Buddha's robe. Place these Buddhas on a table as a peaceful decoration or on a bookshelf to add some zen to any space.

These Buddhas are perfect as an accent piece or paired with Jamali Garden's other inspiring products. Combine a sitting Buddha statue with our Moroccan selenite log for five tea lights or our Moroccan selenite log for three tea lights to foster a feeling of inner peace in everyone who stops to admire your decor. Our Buddhas come in two sizes of eight or ten inches, so you have many decorating options.

Tips for Decorating With a Buddha

When you see Jamali Garden's Buddha statues, feelings such as peace, harmony and tranquility may come to mind. When you place your Buddha statues in strategic locations, you'll increase a sense of zen in any space and avoid disrespecting those who practice Buddhism. Here are some dos and don'ts for decorating with a Buddha statue.

Decorating With a Buddha Statue Dos 

When you're looking for a place to put your Buddha statue, your first choice should be an area that already contains good energy. A clean, uncluttered room has significant benefits over one with sharp angles and many material possessions.

The placement of your Buddha inside a room will vary. If the Buddha is inside the room, your statue should face into the room. If the Buddha is near the entrance, turn the figure to greet visitors and block negative energy.

Decorating With a Buddha Statue Don'ts

You should never put your Buddha on the floor or near your shoes. This placement is disrespectful to those who practice Buddhism. A Buddha statue should instead rest on a table or altar. Your Buddha statue should also never be in a confined or messy space, like a safe or your bathroom.

The material your Buddha statue is made of is also essential when you're placing your figure. Our Buddha statues at Jamali Garden are wood, which means you should set them with other natural elements. Wood Buddhas should not be in an area of the home that contains a lot of metal, such as a laundry room, to avoid creating discord.

Browse the Decorative Buddhas at Jamali Garden

Add a feeling of serenity to your next event when you buy decorative Buddhas in bulk at Jamali Garden. Buying wholesale allows you to get the quantities you need at prices you're sure to love. Shop our selection to find the perfect statue to compliment any theme.